Jet Aircraft: Gulfstream G550


The Gulfstream G550 – The flagship of the Gulfstream Fleet, is one of the most successful and well-recognized business jet aircraft manufactured in the world and is the leader in large-cabin business jets. The Gulfstream G550 is the world’s most luxurious, versatile and accomplished large-cabin ultra long range inter-contentinental business jet aircraft in its class produced by Gulfstream.

 When looking for a long-range, large-cabin private jet aircraft for the ultimate luxury experience, Gulfstream stands out above the rest. With intelligent and innovative engineering, the G550 outshines its competitive predecessor. The G550 manages to make just the right amount of changes to improve in every area possible – faster, further, bigger and more advanced. It is without doubt that the G550 offers upstanding intercontinental performance without sacrificing comfort or extravagance.

The G550 is powered by two enhanced Rolls-Royce BR710 turbofan engines that allow it to fly from high elevations, extreme desert heat, through the strongest headwinds and launch from short 3, 500 ft runways with more than enough fuel to carry 8 passengers coast to coast. These engines produce a tremendous amount of power, allowing the G550 to travel long-range distances without refueling and complete record-breaking missions. The G550 easily links Washington, D.C., with Dubai, London with Singapore and Tokyo with Paris.

Fly in luxury, style, comfort and confidence aboard your own Gulfstream G550. With the capability to fly 55% farther than its closest competitor, this large-cabin ultra-long range G550 keeps you and your staff at the top of your game, giving you the confidence, capability and comfort to travel where you want, when you want, on your schedule while completing any flight mission in style. The Gulfstream G550 jet aircraft sets the ultimate standard in luxury business travel across the world.

Jet Aircraft Specifications

Crew: Two Pilots (minimum) – Two Corporate Flight Attendant’s

Passengers: 14-19

Full Lavatory: With Shower

Maximum Speed: Mach 0.885 Mach (585 mph, 941 km/h)

Long Range Cruise Speed: Mach 0.85 (488 kn, 562 mph, 904 km/h)

Fast Cruise Speed: Mach 0.87 (516 kn, 595 mph, 956 km/h)

Range / Long Range Cruise: 6,750 nautical miles (7,768 miles, 12,501 km)

Range / Fast Cruise: 6,000 nautical miles (6,906 mi, 11,112 km)

Maximum Altitude: 51,000 ft (15,000 m)

Cabin Size: 50 ft 20 in / 15.30 m (length) x 7 ft 35 in / 2.24 m (width) x 6 ft 17 in / 1.88 m (height)

Baggage Compartment Volume: 226 ft³ (6.4 m³)

Power Plant: 2 × Rolls-Royce Deutschland BR710 turbofan, 15,385 lbf (68.44 kN) each

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