Jean Paul Gaultier SS Runway Fashion 2018

Jean Paul Gaultier SS Runway Fashion 2018
Jean Paul Gaultier SS Runway Fashion 2018

Hello ladies! This season’s runway fashion has been amazing! There is some serious creativity in the fashion world. We get up close and personal with Jean Paul Gaultier and his latest collection as showcased at Paris Fashion Week.

Gaultier’s labels include Jean Paul Gaultier and Gaultier PARIS (couture collection), and the former JEAN’S Paul Gaultier, Eyewear Jean Paul Gaultier and Jean Paul Gaultier Argent. Besides his ready-to-wear collection, in 1988 Gaultier expanded his brand to include the label Junior Gaultier, a lower-priced line designed for the youth market with a heavy nautical influence that he began to carry throughout all of his collections.

Jean Paul Gaultier SS Runway Fashion 2018

Through years of evolving his personal collection as a fashion designer, this Spring/Summer 2018 collection showcases a striking use of unique cuts, designs, and colors. You’ll notice bold black and white looks dominated against a backdrop of psychedelic swirls, riffing on the graphic avant-garde designs that made Cardin a household name.

A circular black and white striped dress in silk crepe that captured the designer’s signature Space Age vibe led down to theatrical tights: one white, one black. You’ll also be drawn to the bold use of bright colors. Some of our favorites include yellow, turquoise, blue, red, and green.

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True style is always about taking risk with your fashion choices, and being willing to stand out from the crowd. You were created as a one of a kind masterpiece, and when it comes to your style, it’s the same. Every outfit you wear is an expression of your personality.

As a veteran fashion designer, this collection holds true to the fashion brand’s identity. Jean Paul Gaultier brings a bold feminine flare to the runway creating a timeless style for women all over the world to wear time and time again.

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