It’s a Party! – The Most Popular Fashion Events You Should Visit

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I remember a friend of mine who told me that life is just one big party and that we should all learn to enjoy it, for better or worst. Well, he wasn’t wrong, but there is a very big difference between a party where you are almost always invited with a different event where only a chosen few are allowed to join.

Usually, the parties where only a few are invited are the ones we all like to imagine; we often think of wild parties where people are doing all kinds of activities that are normally not seen in most common parties. This type of mentality is often placed in our heads whenever we think about popular fashion events.

Fashion events may seem like some sort of elitist club gathering, but the truth is far from that. In fact, fashion events are almost always welcome to everyone as long as they appreciate fashion. Indeed, it can be intimidating to meet with famous fashion designers, brand owners, and supermodels. Well, if you don’t have the confidence level to meet and greet with these personalities, you can always talk to the other crowd in these famous fashion events. You have the fashion bloggers, the enthusiasts, and just the regular people who are just there to explore what a popular fashion event can bring.

And speaking of popular fashion events, it’s time we talk about what these popular fashion events are! Every year, there are different fashion events from all over the world, with the more prestigious ones always held in big cities, such as Milan’s Fashion Week last September.

Have a look at these famous fashion events and do take the time to attend these fashion events at least once in your lifetime!

Paris Fashion Week

Ah yes, Paris. Supposedly the center of fashion when the fashion industry was still starting, Paris Fashion Week usually takes place bi-annually, often held during February and September each year. This is one of the most popular fashion events during the year and you can always expect famous fashion designers and celebrities to turn up during these events.

It is also during the Paris Fashion Week where bi-annual exhibitions often display the four seasons of fashion with collection displays of Spring to Summer designs then towards Fall to Winter designs

Berlin Fashion Week

With a big city like Berlin, one would imagine that the Berlin Fashion Week is already major fashion event for years now, right? Well, for those who are not very familiar with fashion events, the Berlin Fashion Week is a new fashion event, one that began back in 2007.

What makes Berlin Fashion Week is that the event showcases upcoming fashion brands and designers. This is the fashion event where new designers can show off their talents while the more established brands use this event as a staging point for their brand new fashion lines. Berlin Fashion Week is often held at the Brandenburg Gate each year, during the months of January and July. The event is a collaborative effort between the Berlin Senate and the Berlin Partner GMBH, the central contact agency for managing foreign trade and new operations to promote Berlin as a business hub.

Dolce and Gabbana’s Alta Moda Show

So you’ve heard of many different fabulous fashion events done in every unique location in the world. You have the Brandenburg Gate for Berlin Fashion Week and the whole city of Paris for the Paris Fashion Week. Well, none is as unique as Dolce and Gabbana stealing the year’s most unique fashion event for using the Piazetta San Marco in Venice, Italy for this year’s Alta Moda Show.

With a parade of gondolas, a surprise rainbow painting flashing through the sky, and a whole list of celebrities, fashion designers, and fashion elites to join the celebration for this year’s event, D&G’s Alta Moda Show is definitely one fashion event that you really don’t want to miss for next year! This is one fashion event that you really want to mark down on your to-do list.

CFDA Fashion Awards

So if you have the Oscars as the event where the best actors and actresses are celebrated and awarded for their best performances and contributions to the movie industry, then the same can be said for the CFDA Fashion Awards. Held annually to celebrate and award fashion brands and fashion models for their various contributions to the fashion industry, the CFDA Fashion Awards is another fashion event that you really don’t want to miss!

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