Is Your Boss Breaking The Law?

Is Your Boss Breaking The Law?
Is Your Boss Breaking The Law?

Not all criminals wear a ski mask or carry around big bags with a dollar sign on them. According to recent reports the biggest criminals are business owners. You might think that we’re talking about issues such as fraud and financial embezzlement here which would be bad enough. But it could be a lot more serious than that. Here are a few signs that suggest your boss is breaking the law.

Shady Deals You Can’t Talk About

Consequently, ave you ever been part of something in business where you’ve been told to keep your mouth shut? A lot of employees have and in some cases it’s to protect business secrets or prevent the competition from getting the upper hand. In other cases though, it can be due to the fact that the deal or transaction isn’t legal. You need to watch out for this type of occurrence in your company. If you witness it, you can be held liable.

Weird Payments

In addition, you could find that your business is taking a weird approach to paying invoices. If that’s the case you might find that they committing tax fraud by hiding how much they pay you. While you won’t be liable for this it could mean you’re getting a lot less than you deserve.

Unfair Pay And Working Hours

Finally, you might find that your company is falling on the wrong side of the modern slavery act. This could mean low levels of pay, poor working hours and dangerous work conditions. Any issue like this could put the business in trouble with the law. Make sure you know your rights, how much you should be paid and how you should be treated. The infographic below has some stats on the Modern Slavery Act that you might find interesting.

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