Is Beverly Hills A Hotspot For Car Accidents?

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Beverly Hills is a small city in California, spanning 5.7 square miles. Compared to larger cities, such as Los Angeles, which covers a 503 square mile radius, collision data may seem insignificant. However, according to the Transportation Injury Mapping Systems from UC Berkeley, Beverly Hills records 400 accidents per square mile between 2015 and 2020. For comparison, Los Angeles counts only 232 accidents per square mile. The comparison is troubling, especially when you take into account the size and infrastructure difference between the two cities. 

Why would a small city such as Beverly Hills attract more road accidents than Los Angeles? To understand what makes Beverly Hills, the luxury city, a hotspot for accidents, we need to understand the many Beverly Hills drivers. 

Local tourism can drive accidents

Due to its location close to Hollywood and Los Angeles, Beverly Hills receives millions of tourists every year. The luxury city thrives on being exclusive but welcomes tourists with open arms. Therefore, it’s no wonder that the city of fame and glamour attracts tourists by the bucketload. They want to drive along Rodeo Drive, taking snapshots of the luxury boutiques and the upscale restaurants. South Beverly Drive is a hotspot for Instagram photos with its breathtaking restaurants and bakeries. The distinctive residential neighborhood with its palm tree-lined streets, The Flats, appeals to the amateur paparazzo. Tourists hope they can spot celebrities between Santa Monica Boulevard, Sunset Boulevard, Doheny Road, and Wilshire Boulevard. As a result, tourists behind the steering wheel become distracted. Unfortunately, distraction is one of the leading causes of car accidents on the road. Yet, tourism remains a major source of revenue for the city. But road accidents are a hefty price to pay for it. 

Seniors are active on the road

South California has one of the highest rates of seniors in the workforce. Professionals remain actively employed well past 65-year-old. Almost 20% of Californians aged 65 or older are in the workforce. In Beverly Hills only, 30% of seniors over 65 are still employed, the highest senior employment rate in the state. 

Many choose to carry on working because they enjoy their jobs. They are Professors, doctors, real estate agents, executives. They work in a high-paid environment. Delaying retirement is not a monetary choice for them. Instead, they want to carry on enjoying their day-to-day life and social engagement. Unfortunately, seniors are more prone to fatigue, confusion, and drowsiness at the steering wheels. They can contribute to the high number of accidents in Beverly Hills. 

Supercars race into lawlessness

Luxury cars are prevalent in Beverly Hills. The affluent population is willing to spend at least $40,000 on a luxury vehicle. Buyers’ psychology varies a lot. Some choose to own a luxury car as a status symbol, and others are passionate about exclusive and unique vehicles. Finally, some buyers seek advanced features that aren’t available in other vehicles. Yet, regardless of their psychology, luxury cars and supercars owners are more likely to engage in street races. 

A recent YouTube video filmed in July 2021 captures street races on Rodeo Drive. The video shows unregulated racing, dangerous speeding, and reckless driving between Lamborghinis, McLarens, Nissan GT-Rs, and a gold C8 Corvette. No police authority tries to prevent or interrupt the race. Unfortunately, lawlessness on the road can dramatically increase the risk of car accidents. 

Beverly Hills, A Haven For Wildlife

While tourists rarely visit the landscape, the hills of Beverly Hills are a haven for wildlife. Authorities often mention animal crossing as a cause of accidents on the road. Animals can be unpredictable, making it hard for drivers to react safely. Domesticated dogs and cats running onto the road often lead to collisions. But the proximity of the hill wildlife makes Beverly Hills a hotspot for animal crossing. Some drivers have had to avoid snakes, raccoons, and even coyotes on the road!

A youthful population ready for mayhem

Approximately 20% of the Beverly Hills population is under 18. Teenagers often make dangerous drivers as they lack experience. Additionally, many teens are keen to prove themselves and impress their friends with their driving skills. According to accident statistics, the risk of having a car crash is higher among teens than among any other age group. Teen drivers are three times more likely to be in a fatal crash than older drivers. Unfortunately, the glamour of the location can encourage young drivers to take more risks or be more distracted. 

In conclusion, Beverly Hills is at risk of becoming a hotspot for car accidents. The city needs to introduce strict regulations and better public transport options to reduce danger on the road. However, it’s hard to tell how road control would impact the glory and appeal of the luxury city. 

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