IPO Cosmetics Launches New 4-Step Facial Kit

It’s Perfect On Introduces a New, Convenient, Portable and Eco-Friendly Skincare Option.


It’s Perfect On Cosmetics first launched in May 2019. Ever since the brand released its first product, it has always made sure that all of the beauty products are made in a top-certified factory. Customers can also be sure that they will never find parabens, sulfates, or artificial fragrances in any of IPO Cosmetics’ products. All of the items are also cruelty-free and TSA-approved.

Michelle Kim

Michelle Kim, the owner and genius behind IPO Cosmetics was born and raised in Korea. She spent much of her life working in the fashion industry, going on to eventually start her own business in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. While this was tragic, it did encourage her to invest her time and money into developing products that felt like they are tailor-made for anyone who uses them. Today, her 4-Step facial kit holds two Korean patents.


Glam 4-Step Facial

The Glam facial was one of IPO Cosmetics’ first items and still remains one of their most popular. This mask focuses on keeping the face hydrated. When removed, users’ skin should look flawless and have a beautiful afterglow. It works because the mask’s key ingredients (Camellia sinensis extract, beta-glucan, cucumber extract, and apricot kernel extract) all work together to reduce inflammation and swelling, stimulate collagen, smooth wrinkles and fine lines, and soothes and repairs blemishes.


Recover 4-Step Facial

The Recover facial focuses more on moisturizing and making old tired skin look young and smooth. Like the Glam facial, this mask will also leave users with a beautiful afterglow. The main ingredients include Laminaria japonica extract, Centella asiatica extract, Eucalyptus globulus extra, and calendula flower extract. Together, these ingredients eliminate toxins, heals and strengthens skin, boosts collagen, slow signs of aging, and protects skin for the future.


Future Products

Speaking of the future, IPO Cosmetics is currently (as of 2021) working on a few new formulas. Their most adventurous new item is an M-patch. This patch is put on the outside of a face mask. It will be infused with aromatherapy oils and botanicals. Wearing the patch can help to reduce stress, headaches, and make breathing easier.

IPO Cosmetics is also working on creating a few new masks– the details of which are still secret. The names of these masks have been released. You can guess what the masks will do by having at least that information.

  • 4Men
  • 4Acne
  • 4Hair
  • 4Body

Shop and Learn More

Each facial sells for $8/pouch, with additional savings if you buy more than one pouch at a time. To learn more about IPO Cosmetics or to start shopping, IPO Cosmetics.

In the end, Michelle Kim sums it up best when she says, “After a successful 20-year-run in the fashion industry, and a small stint in multi-brand distribution in the beauty industry, I pivoted to what is my proudest accomplishment yet – bringing affordable, quality products to the masses. IPO Cosmetics is for men and women who want an elevated experience with their skincare, to feel like it’s perfect for them. I use the same top certified Korean factory as other leading brands, investing more in how the formulas are made while utilizing my patented 4Step design.” 


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