International Artist Eva Armisen

Eva Armisen is fast becoming one of the most popular international artists, with her work being featured in exhibits and in public displays throughout Europe, including Spain, Portugal, and in the Asian markets of Seoul, Korea, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, and many more.

She was a shy young girl who naturally learned to express herself and her feelings through drawing and art. This personal outlet seemed to grow and blossom, and as she grew up she evolved into a passionate Spanish painter who studied in Barcelona, Spain and began her career with small art exhibits showing her work and inner world of self-expression to the rest of the world.

What inspires you? “Everything! I see stories I can translate in my work all around me, from a couple sharing a look or embrace to simply hearing a conversation where the words or subject move me on an emotional level, that I have to paint it.”

What is the message of your work? “I try to convey the importance of the small but significant things in our lives. The things we don’t usually appreciate enough, I like to magnify them, like family, our relationships with others and how important they are to our happiness, and especially the value of togetherness and giving of our Spirit. My work is about the need to be loved and to love others, to give to others. My work is meant to evoke and inspire core emotional values, in ourselves and in the world around us.”


What projects are you currently working on? “Well I have an exhibit in Los Angeles at CMay Gallery located at 8687 Melrose Ave, Space B226, West Hollywood CA 90069. I love LA, it’s such a fun and exciting place. I will be exhibiting at the Insa Art Center in South Korea from May 14 through May 27, as well as in Valencia and Lisbon, Spain in the coming months as well. I also look forward to doing many more public installations like I have done in Asian markets. My work has been on display at large public malls, and I have done custom creations for Coca Cola, and other companies. So hopefully, just more of what I love to do!”

Eva Armisen is a one of a kind international artist and Spanish painter, who draws upon the child within to recapture the emotions of family, love, and togetherness which has captured the hearts of people all over the world, reminding us that what truly matters in what’s in our hearts and the people in our lives. Get your Eva Armisen masterpiece today. Visit to see more of her work now. Like her on Facebook too.

Jacqueline Maddison
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