Interior Design Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Summer Fun

Interior Design Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Summer Fun #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag #interiordesigns #decorativetouch #interiorspace

When you want to get ready for summer fun at home, following some of the interior design trends will give you a start on some new ideas. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Install A Fence in The Yard

Fences can add privacy to your backyard or garden and keep trespassers off and help you to keep an eye on younger children outside. Vinyl fencing is more expensive than wood but does not rot or develop mold. It does not attract insects or mildew. It is eco-friendly and easy to recycle. Vinyl is stronger than wood and in 2019 over 139 million housing units in the US had fencing and many used vinyl. Wood fences are lightweight and come in many styles.  Check out for your wood fences installation projects. Each can be customized to your property and needs. A fence can protect your property from wind, provide shade, and add a decorative touch.

Paint Your Wall in Earthy Colors or Pantone Hues

Earthy colors have returned with beige, light blue, shades of green, and even pink. These colors go well in the kitchen, bedroom, or family room, any room you spend the most time in. Pantone colors combine two colors to get a different hue and look. Combining a grey wall with a bright orange or yellow sofa will give your room a distinctive look. Ultimate gray is the Pantone color for this season. Other popular Pantone colors for the walls are French Blue, Mint, and Burnt Coral. Wall color is described by some decorators as the backdrop of the room and a reflection of how we live.

Bring Some Plants Indoors

Bring some potted plants inside in the summer that are easy to care for. A jade plant is a succulent that needs very little water and stays healthy all year. Place plants in the corner of the room or on the dining room table. Visit your indoor garden center and look for plants that are not toxic to pets and people. Garden centers can suggest easy plants to grow and care for inside flowers, vegetables, or herbs. Grow plants you enjoy and want to care for. Add some color to a room with flowering plants like lilies, begonias, or African violets on the window sill or table.

Wall Paper And Wood Are Trendy

Wallpaper has become popular again as a decorative touch on the walls instead of paint. It offers many different designs to choose from. Popular styles are floral, botanical, geometric, tropical, and retro. There are many easy-to-use peels and stick wallpapers. It is suggested you pick a small or mid-sized pattern for the rooms you decorate. Wallpaper looks stylish in any room in the house. Reclaimed wood or antique tables, chairs, and furniture add warmth to your interior design. Wood tables made of maple, oak, cherry, or mahogany add richness to the room decor. Lighter woods will be popular with consumers. Light oak or cedar reflects the interest in minimalism and Scandinavian design. Lighter wood gives a room the appearance of more space.

Participate in The Arts and Crafts Movement

A renewed interest in artisan-made furniture, specialized crafts, and art provides you with an opportunity to add these touches to your home. Graphic design face art is popular on walls or to hang as a print. There are many affordable prints that you can hang on the walls and are available to buy. Hand-made crafts, pottery, baskets, quilts, stained glass lamps, and toys add character to any room. Handcrafted furniture comes in many designs: Shaker, Amish, Art Deco, Victorian, and more modern designs. Decorating using a specific furniture style gives your home a unique look and follows a contemporary trend.

Decorative Accessories Wreaths, and Artificial Plants

Add that extra decorative touch for summer by adding decorative summer wreaths on the door, and custom-designed doormats that welcome visitors to your home. When you do not want to care for indoor plants, artificial plants add a decorative touch to any room. This is a popular trend with many consumers. Silk flower arrangements, faux hanging plants, and artificial houseplants look real and you do not have to care for them.

Overall, every design trend is a way to make you think about your interior space and decide how you want it to look. Use these trends as a guideline for adding to your home, condo, or apartment.

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