Important Things To Consider Before Paddle Boarding

Important Things To Consider Before Paddle Boarding #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #paddleboarding #watersport #preventinjuries

If you are interested in getting into water sports, paddle boarding is a good way to start! But it’s not as easy as picking up and boarding and jumping into the water. A lot of elements go into it. Regardless of your age and experience, there are things you should consider before your first paddle boarding trip, this is all to ensure you have a fun, yet safe time! Here are some tips for sift time paddle boarders!

What is paddle boarding actually?

Paddle boarding is a water sport in which you are moving across a body of water on a cross paddle board – you can do it while standing up or by sitting down. This kind of activity has been around for many many years and it’s quite popular all over the world. So much so that various championships and world records were made in this field. So it’s safe to say that it’s a versatile sport, perfect for those who want to do it as a hobby, but also those who want to get into it a bit more seriously!

Learn how to paddle and how to properly get off the board

The most important thing you should know before heading to your paddle boarding trip, is to get familiar with different paddling techniques. Most commonly, you are meant to stand up and balance on the board using your core, while paddling with your hands. Unlike surfing, you don’t need waves and other forces to drive the boat, your strength determines the pace and direction you’re going. Another important thing is to learn how to safely fall from the board and into the water so you don’t accidentally get hurt. Avoid hitting the board at all costs and try to jump away from it to prevent injuries!

Get the needed equipment

Depending on how serious you are about paddle boarding you can either buy your equipment or rent it, depending on the location you are at. If it’s a resort, you can probably just rent it, whilst on the other hand if you are going off grid, it might be better to have your own gear. With that being said, getting the right kind of items, the cost of paddle boards can vary from shop to shop, you should definitely find something within your budget, especially if it’s your first board, getting something sturdy is more than enough!  Apart from the paddles and the board, you’ll most likely need a safety vest in case of an emergency – even if you are a good swimmer it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Paddling in different weather conditions

You can battle in different weather conditions, this is usually determined by your location. It’s also important to remember that weather can change while you are out and about in nature, so take a good look at the forecast before heading to your paddle boarding destination. Heavy rain and wind can compromise your experience, and those conditions can also limit your paddling style as well!  For beginners, it’s best to stick to calm waters. It’s important to get used to the board, and the best way to do it is by standing on it in calm waters. Once you get more confident and experienced, you can try catching a wave or two and work your way to faster waters!

Don’t go alone

You should have a paddling buddy with you, especially for your first time. You never know what can happen, and the last thing you want to do is suffer an injury all alone in the middle of the water. So if you can, attend paddle boarding classes, spend time with a group and learn alongside them. This is not only fun, but it’s also way safer for your first time, you’ll have someone to correct you on your paddling and also keep you company!

Additional things to consider

To make your paddle boarding experience even better, don’t forget to put on sunscreen and a hat in order to protect yourself from the sun. On the other hand, if you are paddling during a colder season, make sure you are wearing thermal,  waterproof clothes, and gloves to keep yourself warm!

Just like with any other sport, it takes time to get used to it, the same goes for paddleboarding. But the great thing about it is that it’s pretty beginner-friendly, you can pick your own pace and fully enjoy it. Regardless of whether you are paddling for the first and last time, or if you want to keep doing it as a hobby, following safety precautions is an absolute must in order to get the best out of your experience!

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