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$25,000 Luxury Nail Manicure with Diamonds
$25,000 Luxury Nail Manicure with Diamonds

In need of a little luxury & relaxation? Images Luxury Nail Lounge of southern California is now offering a wide variety of luxurious nail polishes from top fashion brands. These include bottles from Christian Louboutin, Chanel, YSL, Christian Dior and many more! Images have been known for their extravagance with their lavish interiors, exclusive access to $130k Models Own real gold nail polish and GIA-Certified Diamond Manicures. These cost affluent clients $25,000 and upwards. In addition, Images Luxury Nail Lounge now offers Champagne and wine beverages so their clients can truly get comfortable, unwind and enjoy themselves.

$25,000 Luxury Nail Manicure with Gold

The high-end salon chain offers menus for their main client base and their affluent customers allowing anyone, of any background, to afford a bit of luxury. The luxury menu features manicures with real gold as well as manicures featuring real diamonds encrusted directly into the nail. Beyond manicures and pedicures you’ll also find grooming, massage and beauty treatment options. These help refresh and replenish just about anyone including men, women, partners and groups who want a little pampering.

Images Luxury Nail Lounge is expanding and projected to boom within the next couple of years providing more magnificent manicures to even more customers. With 5 upscale nail lounges opened in their first 2 years of business and another five more salons in the works for the next two. Images is growing rapidly and building up a massive loyal following who take advantage of their designer nail palettes and exclusive VIP events. Beyond luxury manicures they also provide exceptional pedicures, waxing services, massages and beauty procedures. The salons also feature promotions and savings including group discounts, free birthday gifts and weekly giveaways. It’s no wonder they’re able to grow so rapidly when they offer so much!

$25,000 Luxury Nail Manicure with DiamondsTheir most recent location has an interior that’s also a work of art with intertwining wood details stretching from across the walls into the roof. This salon is unlike any other you’ll visit and is the only salon of its kind in the entire world. “Absolutely stunning interior, brand new everything, chairs, polishes, etc. they also serve beer, wine, and champagne,” writes Britany L from Newport Beach. You can visit their newest location for yourself at Woodybury Town Center in Irvine; call for appointments and location details (949) 387-5588.

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