How to Wear Necklaces: The Complete Style Guide

How to Wear Necklaces: The Complete Style Guide:#beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #wearingnecklaces #necklace #pendantnecklace #statementnecklaces #diamondnecklace #chockernecklaces #fashion #jewelry
How to Wear Necklaces: The Complete Style Guide:#beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #wearingnecklaces #necklace #pendantnecklace #statementnecklaces #diamondnecklace #chockernecklaces #fashion #jewelry

Do you know how to wear necklaces in stylish ways?

A necklace is more than a mere accessory that you wear. It’s one of the things you need in fashion because they can upgrade your look in a snap! (Image Credits: FreePhotps/Pixabay)

This is important because clothes can be a form of empowerment.

Of course, you can’t simply slap on the first necklace you have. You need to click here to pair them properly with the clothes you wear and more.

Don’t fret if you have no clue where to start. We have a guide that could help you learn what necklace to wear and several more tips on how to style it or you can try engraved bar necklace for sale online

1.   Pendants Necklaces

Gold-plated pendants are your go-to for a more subtle yet meaningful approach. Most of these necklaces have charms or symbols hanging around the chain and mean something for the people who wore them.

But that doesn’t mean you can wear anything and it will look good.

Try to coordinate the colors of the pendant and the clothes you are going to wear. You can also contrast them so it’s not plain and boring. The opposing colors will accentuate the hues and texture of the garment.

In this way, you can achieve a great fashion style with your favorite pendant necklace.

2.   Statement Necklaces

Do you want to have some main focal point over your top? We can’t recommend statement necklaces enough.

It makes a difference because the simplicity of your clothes complements the accessory. They balance each other out in a way the necklace doesn’t overwhelm the clothes. Statement necklaces don’t hesitate to demand the attention of everyone who looks at you.

But there are times it can ruin your look.

If you want to highlight your dress or top, stay away from it and try other small accessories instead. This helps bring out your body more and put a cherry on top of your dress.

3.   Small Necklaces

Wearing a strapless dress for the party? You should opt for a smaller necklace.

Strapless dresses are useful for highlighting your neck and collarbone. Of course, you wouldn’t want a necklace to steal your thunder. They also add that nice little touch to your clothes.

A small yet classy necklace could elevate your dress without the worry of over-accessorizing.

4.   Choker Necklaces

A choker necklace helps frame the shape of your face in a natural and beautiful manner. A choker doesn’t hide the look of your neck and jawline.

This is great if you want to go to a lively party and want a more playful and mischievous look.

Both the choker and small necklaces are a great pair with a sweetheart neckline. The bold necklace heightens the romantic and curvy aura of our dress. It’s because it could serve as an apple of the eye to your next possible dates.

5.   Multi-Strand Necklaces

Many multi-strand necklaces look great on a simple top and make it pop. These are pre-made necklaces that come in different styles and materials so you have a lot of options to choose from.

If you want to use the multi-strand necklaces, you would need to go for a simple and minimalist style. In that way, the ornaments on your neck and your clothes complement and balance each other out.

6.   The Art of Layering Necklaces

Have you ever tried layering your necklaces together before? If not, you are missing out so much!

Your deep V-neck tops or deep plunge dresses are great on their own. However, you can do so much better with some layering. You can even bring out some old necklaces you seldom use anymore and give them a new life.

Combine the necklaces at your disposal that suits your style. Try adding some longer ones to complete the overall look. Wearing longer necklaces will make you appear taller and slim.

Here’s an extra tip: a layered necklace clasp lets you wear 2-3 necklaces at once without tangling.

7.   Know When to Forego the Necklace

This will depend on the kind of style or look you want to pull off.

Does it go along with the style of your clothes? Does the necklace take the attention away from your top or dress? Does it look better without something dangling on the front?

If you say no to at least 2 of them, then you should go without the necklace.

You could still wear a necklace but there will be times that you would want your dress to be your main focal point. Having one could take some of the elegance and sophistication so be careful.

If it becomes a fashion emergency, put on some small accessories like earrings or bracelets instead.

8. Don’t Hesitate to Coordinate With Other Accessories as Well

When coordinating and matching with several accessories, it’s important to identify what will be your focal point first. It could be anything from earrings, bracelets, hats, watches, scarves, piercings, etc.

Take note not to choose anything flashier than the one you choose. Instead, choose smaller pieces so it wouldn’t get lost with your clothes and accessories.

To give an example, let’s say you choose the necklace then put on some earrings that go along with it. Try coordinating floating necklace charms to give it more personality and interesting aesthetic.

9.   Have Fun with It

There are no hard rules in fashion, only guidelines. Trends and fads are always bound to change sooner or later. Sometimes the particular style you are going for looks great, and at times it doesn’t go quite as well as you might expect.

But hey, that’s the true beauty of fashion!

Remember the adrenaline rush you felt when the things you put on yourself is fire and on-point? Don’t be afraid to try out different combinations of clothes and the necklace you like.

Fashion is never meant to be stagnant and neither should you.

Now You Know How to Wear Necklaces the Stylish Way

There you have it! Here are some of the tips and advice so you can start wearing necklaces in different ways.

But learning how to wear necklaces is not enough to be your best stylish or sophisticated self. Be sure to check out more of our blog posts with more fashion tips and guides!

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