How To Use Different Types Of Corkscrew

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A corkscrew is a home necessity as it helps out in day-to-day operations. Moreover, they are extremely essential if you are throwing a party. There are different types of corkscrews present in the market; all of them are used differently. While the only purpose of a corkscrew is to open bottles, many people do not know how to use them.

To help you out, below are five types of corkscrews and how to use them.

Pocket Corkscrews

As the name suggests, these corkscrews can be easily carried in pockets. So, if you are looking for corkscrews that are handy and can fit anywhere, pocket corkscrews are the way to go. Pocket corkscrews come with a sheath to prevent the corkscrew from poking out.

Here is how you can use these:

  • Firstly, you will have to cut the foil under the bottle’s lip.
  • You will find an opening at the base of your corkscrew; this is where you have to slide the sheath after removing it.
  • Now, simply turn the corkscrew into the cork.
  • Pull upwards to remove the cork, then turn in the opposite direction to remove the corkscrew from the cork.

Electric Corkscrews

The easiest to use corkscrews; anyone can use these without any difficulty. Electric corkscrews are preferred, especially for people who suffer from diseases that make it difficult to grip objects. Moreover, they are the perfect buddies to a home thrown party.

Below is how you can use electric corkscrews:

  • Once you have removed the bottle’s foil, you will need to place the electric corkscrew vertically on the surface of the screw.
  • All you will then have to do is switch the button on, and it will automatically remove the cork.
  • Once the cork is removed, reverse the motion to remove the cork from the worm.

Winged Corkscrews

Since most wine bottles come with a synthetic cork, winged corkscrews are quite popular. They are easy to use and work on a diverse range of synthetic corkscrews. You can keep these at home as they are portable and can easily fit anywhere.

Below is how you can use winged corkscrews:

  • As stated above, you will have to remove the foil of the bottle.
  • Once the foil is removed, twist the worm of the corkscrew into the cork.
  • Keep twisting it till the wings of the corkscrew rise. The wings are there to indicate when you can pull the screw out.
  • Now, pull the cork out and remove it from the corkscrew.

Wine Cork Extractors

If you have a passion for collecting and tasting vintage wine, then you should definitely have wine cork extractors around your house. These are small in size and don’t need any instructions. Moreover, they work perfectly with vintage corks as they don’t leave any crumbs behind.

Below is how you can use vintage corkscrew:

  • Once the foil has been removed, you will need to push down the extractor prongs in between the bottle and cork.
  • When the prongs have been pushed all the way down, you can pull it upwards through twisting.
  • After the cork is out of the bottle, press down on the cork with your finger to remove it.

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