How To Style Clutch Bags And Crossbody Bags

Clutch Bags or Crossbody Bags – Which One Suits Which Occasion #bags #good bag

There are so many different styles; it can be challenging to choose the right bag. No look is complete without the right bag. It can make or break an outfit. Anyone who has ever worn women’s clothing will notice the lack of pockets, or the pockets that aren’t really pockets but a useless decoration. Bags are essential. The day-to-day bag dragged to the office, school run and grocery shopping aren’t suitable for all occasions. If you’re looking for a high-end and luxurious purse, then a Louis Vuitton bag is for you. They can add that extra appeal to your outfit without needing too many pieces. With a vast number of imitations on the market, you have to be careful with where you buy it and to look for a way to authenticate it.  (Image Credit: Alex Holyoake/Unsplash)


Crossbody bags for ladies are gaining in popularity. They’re basically a hands-free handbag. Depending on style, most are suitable for day-to-day use and some even double as day-to-night.


The clutch bag is a formal classic that remains popular today. They’re small and elegant, adding a touch of class to any outfit, but not so useful when out shopping. They’re small enough to fit into a regular handbag for people who need to switch easily for day-to-night.

Hands Free

The crossbody bag is hands free, whereas the clutch bag is a bag that needs to be held. Depending upon the style and size, the crossbody bag can transform into a clutch bag with a removable shoulder strap. This is great when switching from daywear to night wear, and especially useful when having a piece of fabric across the body isn’t appropriate.


A crossbody bag can be just as elegant as a traditional handbag. They offer more security than a rucksack sitting on the hip. Plus there’s no risk of leaving something strapped to your body behind. They’re great while out shopping. The wearer always knows where it is, making a payment or reaching for a ringing phone much easier.

Nothing screams grace and class in quite the same way as a clutch bag. Without a strap, or the very small hook on strap that comes with some, they aren’t so practical for day-to-day use. They can sit inside most handbags ready for the night, but don’t try to bring one to the local fast food joint. They’re out of place there.

Dual Use

The crossbody bag can double as a night bag, but it will get beaten up while out shopping. No one will notice in a nightclub with sticky floors. Security is a must in such places. Even with bouncers on every door, it is easy for a bag to be snatched. Bag thieves typically won’t grab something attached to someone’s body.

Beaten up crossbody bags aren’t suitable for when the occasion calls for grace and class in formal wear. Even with a removable shoulder strap, your best friend’s wedding requires a clutch bag.

The crossbody bag is so versatile it can be worn while rollerblading without getting in the way. A traditional handbag will offset your balance and a clutch bag would be completely useless in such a situation. Clutch bags are best saved for formal occasions.

Know your bags. Select the right one for each occasion. A crossbody is a good bag for most.

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