How to Style a Jean Overall Skirt

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When people think of overalls, it can be easy to jump straight towards imagining 60 acres, hundreds of farm animals, barns stacked with hay, and laborious chores as far as the eyes can see. But jean overall is no longer just ideal apparel for farmers and the manual labor demographics — they have evolved as time has progressed. 

Overalls are more than just comfy and practical, they are “in” within the wide world of fashion. Now you can commonly find overalls of some sort in the wardrobes of both men and women. There are slim-fitting corduroy overalls, summer overall shorts, casual leather overalls, velvet formal overalls, denim overall skirts, traditional coveralls, and everything in between. 

This article is exclusively focused on jean overall skirts and the endless outfit possibilities. Just like any outfit statement piece or complementary accessory, there are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to denim overall skirts. Below are some intentional, yet effortless ways to style them.

Crop Top

At this point, you can’t read through a single fashion-related article without it mentioning crop tops at some point. But hey, if something is “in”, it’s in. We think this speaks to the versatility of the clothing item, personally. A crop top is a great way to wear your jean overall skirt. This is a more casual look that shows a little more skin in a subtle, yet flirtatious manner. 


Pairing your favorite denim overall skirt with a button-down is a great option for heading into the office. It is perfect for the business casual look — especially during summer months when a blazer, button-down, and slacks become a little less comfortable due to the warmer temperatures. 


Whether it’s your go-to white tee or a distressed band tee, t-shirts are a great addition to your jean overall skirt outfit. They are comfy and simple, yet they get the job done. This styling is perfect for a casual night in, but could easily be accessorized with a necklace and earrings for a night out on the town with the girls.


If we can all agree on one thing, it is that denim and plaid are always a great combo. Regardless of whether or not you are going for the boho-farmer or oversized boyfriend flannel look, pairing your jean overall skirt with plaid is one great option for styling your outfit.


There is a place for form-fitting, tailored clothing just like there is a place for the oversized clothing trend that is running rampant throughout the world of fashion. When it comes to the oversized look, your options are endless for jean overall skirt pairings. You could go with an oversized sweater, flannel, t-shirt, sun hat, cardigan, and many others. By and large, you can’t go wrong with the oversized route.  


You could be going for a simple chic look, but if you aren’t, you should add some accessories to your denim overall skirt ensemble. This could be something as simple as a flashy purse, or more extensive like a matching jewelry set comprised of earrings, a necklace, and a tennis bracelet. Add one or a few accessories if you feel like your outfit is missing something. Small changes like adding a headband can make a world of difference.


Shoes can make all the difference in any outfit — this includes your denim overall skirt get-up. Adding a pair of stilettos can be the perfect way to spice up your look for a fancy dinner party while adding a pair of casual wedges can help you get that feminine touch without appearing overly formal. Try on a few different pairs of heels to get the exact look you are going for.


Long boots are a great contrast to jean overall skirts. Combining your favorite sweater and knee-high boots is also a great way to rock your denim overall skirt during the colder fall and winter months. Aside from looking nice, this is also a great option if you are less comfortable with your legs, or if you prefer to be more on the modest side. 


Similar to a button-down, adding a blouse into the mix is a good way to enter the more formal realm. Some great options in the blouse department are lace blouses, floral blouses, velvet blouses, long-sleeve blouses, halter-neck blouses, sheer blouses, and off-shoulder blouses. Try out a few different styles and choose what suits you best. 


Turtlenecks have now come around full-circle. What was once a practical way to stay warm is now a staple within the fashion industry — for both men and women alike. Additionally, they look great with denim overall skirts. If you choose to go either the baggy or the form-fitting route, both are great options for complimenting your jean overall skirt. 


As we mentioned how overalls have strayed from the stereotypical farmer’s daughter look, that look is exactly what some are aiming for — and it’s working. A simple denim overall skirt, white tee, and a red bandana are the perfect combination for a cute, playful, and casual look.

Although we are mentioning bandanas specifically, this is not the only headband we recommend. Adding a velour, braided, satin, woven, or floral headband can be the perfect extra you are searching for.

One Strap

In staying on par with the popular boho-chic appearance, one great way to style your denim overall garb is to leave one strap down — or entirely unhooked and hanging. This “messy” look is the perfect styling for a sweater or any other flowing, oversized top. Defaulting to the one-strap look is also a great option for crop tops.

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