How to Style a Cashmere Wrap

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Whether it’s draped over an elegant dress or paired with a crisp blazer, a cashmere wrap is the easiest way to completely transform any look. From formal to casual, having a cashmere wrap in your wardrobe gives you endless options when it comes to creating an outfit.

Since a cashmere wrap is such a versatile and timeless piece, it can be tough to decide how to style it. Luckily, we’ve created the ultimate guide to styling a cashmere wrap, so you can choose the best look for your outfit.

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Why Cashmere?

With so many style options out there, you may be wondering why you should opt for a wrap made of cashmere as opposed to one made of another material like wool. Being one of the softest fibers in the world, hair from the cashmere goat can be used to produce luxuriously soft garments that feel completely smooth against your skin.

In addition to its softness, cashmere rises above materials like wool in many other ways, including:

  • Warmth
  • Durability
  • Shape resilience
  • Lightness
  • No itchiness
  • No pilling

With these benefits, it is worth investing in a quality cashmere wrap than purchasing a cheap wool wrap simply because of the price. With a cashmere wrap, you can transform any outfit into a luxury look for years to come.

How to Style a Cashmere Wrap

While you may love your cashmere wrap for all of the reasons described above, it can be a challenge to incorporate the piece into a look. Thanks to the versatility of a cashmere wrap, there are many ways you can style the garment that will transform any look—no matter the occasion. The following are some of the best ways to style a cashmere wrap; pick one and give any outfit an air of tasteful luxury.

Simple Drape

The Simple Drape is one of the easiest ways to style your cashmere wrap. This classic style is the perfect way to add an elegant touch to any outfit, from pants and a blouse to fitted evening wear. To execute this look, simply allow the wrap to drape around your neck, making sure it hangs down equally on each side to avoid any asymmetry.

One-Shoulder Drape

If you’re looking for a change from the simple drape style, the One-Shoulder Drape is an easy way to create a brand new look with minimal effort. This style is flattering for every shape, and it allows you to make a dramatic statement in a matter of seconds. To get this look, lay your cashmere wrap over your shoulder so it covers half of your body. Then, take the other end and push it around your neck so it rests over your back.


This style is perfect for chilly days when you’re in need of greater warmth. The Poncho-Style is at its best when paired with a chic pair of pants, as any blouse underneath will be minimally visible. To wear your wrap in this style, first, place it over both arms. Then, you can choose to let it sit loosely against your back, or tie it for more structured movement.

Traditional Knot

The Traditional Knot is one of the most popular styles for cashmere wraps—and for good reason. This style is perfect for adding extra warmth to your outfit and looks great when styled with a coat or other bulky garments. Simply fold your wrap and loosely knot it around your neck with the opposite end. In just a few seconds, you can personalize your look without over-accessorizing.


For a timeless look that never fails to make an impression, the Cape-Style drape is the perfect way to style your cashmere wrap. Similar to the Poncho-Style, this style promotes warmth while allowing you to better showcase the outfit you have on underneath. To get this look, put one end of your wrap over your right shoulder, then wrap it twice around the outside of your left. Tuck in the end and you’ll have the perfect look for an evening out.

Over-the-Head Drape

On the coldest days, you’ll need a way to stay warm without sacrificing your style. For this, the Over-the-Head Drape is the perfect way to wear your cashmere wrap. This style shields you from cold winds to keep you warm and fashionable at the same time. For this look, drape your wrap so that it covers just half of your body, similar to the One-Shoulder Drape. Now, lay it around your head like a veil and tuck the end over your shoulder to complete the drape.


To truly make your cashmere wrap the star of your outfit, try the Cinched-at-the-Waist style. This drape is the ultimate way to achieve a chic outfit in a matter of seconds. Perfect for any body type, this style is extremely versatile and can be layered or worn on its own for a proportional look. To get this look, simply drape your wrap over your shoulders and use a slim belt to cinch it at the waist.

Knotted Back

For a dramatic look perfect for those days when you want to make a statement without spending hours dressing up, try this Knotted Back style for your cashmere wrap. Chic and versatile, your wrap can be layered with this drape, or it can take the place of your blouse entirely. Wear it with a skirt or a fitted pant, and you’ll win best-dressed at any occasion. Simply drape the style so that it’s covering your front, and tie a loose knot at the back to achieve this legendary look.

With these styles, you can use your cashmere wrap to transform any outfit into an upscale look that is perfect for any situation. Timeless and classic, a luxury cashmere wrap is a staple your wardrobe needs. For gorgeous, high-quality cashmere wraps like this ribbed design, check out Pura Cashmere’s collection today.

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