How To Start A Career In Finance

How To Start A Career In Finance
How To Start A Career In Finance

There’s a lot of money in finance so it makes it a good business opportunity. However, getting into this sector isn’t easy. Whilst there are no shortage of jobs, a thorough knowledge of the industry is required. Many companies will have a rigorous hiring process. To increase your chances of getting job in finance, here are some of the steps you can take as it could be the right path for you to utilize your skill set. 

Take a course

Most companies, whether they’re accountancy firms or banks or insurance providers, will look for some form of higher education related to finance. This generally involves a three course at a university. For those wanting to study around commitments, you could consider an online MBA in Finance. There are also accelerated courses that are more intensive allowing them to be completed in a shorter time.

Bag some experience

It’s worth having some experience in the financial sector. Consider voluntary positions – many charities will look for financially-savvy folk to handle their accounting. You may be able to possibly bag an internship at a company. Some of these may be voluntary, whilst others may offer low pay. Another option could be to choose a sandwich course – these are standard university courses including a year out doing paid work.

Start a finance blog

Employers want to see a passion for the industry. The easiest way of showing this is to start a finance blog. This could be dedicated to finance news, finance advice or even as a way of sparking debate. You could even start a vlog helping people to manage their money or discussing financial news. Whilst making your own content, it’s also worth reading other big financial blogs and watching other financial video content to help expand your knowledge. Make an effort to learn all the lingo as this will help in the working world.

Attend networking events

Knowing the right people could help you to score a job. Connect with family members of friends that involved in finance and see if they can put a good word into their boss, whether it’s a full time position or some work experience. Attend job fairs in the finance industry and get talking to employers. Also try using Linked In to connect with employers and influential people. Remember that any social situation could lead to finding a link.


If you can’t get a job, consider making one for yourself. It’s possible to use sites like Fiverr to freelance your skills for cheap. This could include doing someone’s bookkeeping or giving financial advice. You may even be able to help out a friend or family member with accounting. Freelancing needn’t be a permanent career path – it may simply be a way of gaining some experience and showing some initiative, all of which will look good on a CV and help you obtain a job working for an employer.     


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