How To Set Your Fashion Trends

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Style is not about following the latest fashion trends and getting all the trendy stuff on a pile. It is your personal trademark that makes you unique. The point with the style is to make it your personal identity and make you feel like you. If you want to make your own style, then you should follow your personal preferences and enjoy the process. Sometimes, it is totally fine to match your mood and dress how you feel. But, never underestimate the power of a good outfit. Here are some tips for you on how to build your style with some personalized items.

Personal Style

Style is a reflection of your personality, the way of expressing yourself through some aesthetic choices such as clothing pieces, accessories, makeup, fragrance, or hairstyle. Once you put all of these pieces together, you get one unique personal style. Good fashion taste is timeless. It is not about keeping up with the current fashion trends, but rather creating your personal identity through your aesthetic choices, rather than absorbing trends.

How to Build Your Personal Style

Getting your personal style structured is not something you get overnight. However, here are some strategies you can work on to get your style neat and structured.

  1. Look what you have in your closet. Think about the things you already have and try to build some outfits in your head. Do not be “I have clothes, but I do not have outfits person.” The second question you need to ask yourself is, “What is your personal favorite item in the closet?” This item can be the grounds for numerous outfits, and you can make combinations that were never seen before.
  2. Fashion inspiration. Fashion inspiration is all around you. You can find it among the family members whose style you admire or find significant. You can also spend some time on social media and observe how celebrities and fashion icons dress. One of the latest fashion trends is the eye-catching aesthetics of Kpop fashion clothing items. You will love their colors and patterns. Bloggers, influencers, and models have astonishing fashion trends and styles and can be a basis for creating your own. It is not a shame to steal some good things, but you should not copy them either.
  3. Create your bulletin closet. By this, it is meant to build your closet around some basic and must-have things such as a white tee, r34 gtr t shirt, black jeans, leather boots, etc. Make the aesthetics out of these things. One of the ways to have a beautiful and structured closet full of different styles is by having a few things in neutral colors and shades, and with some interesting patterns.
  4. Experiment. Experiment with some unique style choices where you get to have some accessories and personalized pieces that are unique and specific to you. These are the moments to be bold. If you want to create our style, then you should be careful with the details as well. Details are huge things.

Personalized Pieces

If you really want to be a trendsetter, then you should think of having some of the things personalized. Creation of your unique style is not just by having nice clothes. It is also about smelling nice, having a nice haircut, wearing some bold accessories, having nice handwriting, nice manners. Some of the accessories like your bag or personalized water bottle can make quite a statement and add some spice. There is no limitation when it comes to personalized items. It is not just the jewelry you can personalize, you can do the same with your nails or the phone mask, planner, or pan. Custom-made pieces are unique and are the personal trait of the particular style.

Forget the Rules

You really should not have your head wrapped around the fashion rules. The point is that you can combine everything with everything else. You can wear your Dr. Martens with every outfit and not only associate it with the rock aesthetics. You can wear some cute lacy dress with your Vanses or Converses. You can go full elegant with a basic tee, or wear that oversized suit on sneakers. When it comes to accessories, you can combine them the way you want. You can have just a bag, or attach a scarf to it, put some chains on it, or put it all together. Today, it is not too much.

Building your personal style is not an overnight thing. It requires some time. The most important thing is to create it the way you want it and to fit it the way you prefer it. Style is your personal identity and should be treated accordingly.

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