How To Sell My Jewelry To Jewelry Buyers

How To Sell My Jewelry To Jewelry Buyers Near Me And Get The Most Money
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Jewelry is precious and sought after. But you might grow tired of it and not wear it anymore. Instead of being used, it’s gathering dust on your vanity. Why not sell them to jewelry buyers and keep the money for future use? Many places buy jewelry in whatever condition, and you just need to know where they are located near you.  

Why Would You Sell Your Jewelry? 

As previously mentioned, although most jewelry is timeless, people outgrow them. Even if you still like your jewelry, there might be instances you’re strapped for cash, and your last resort would be to sell some of your stuff, including your precious jewelry.   

You may also need to prepare for situations like an urgent home repair or your children’s education. Thus, here are other reasons why you would sell your jewelry:  

  • To get rid of clutter 
  • To gain from its price increase
  • It’s associated with bad memories 
  • It’s not your style or taste 

If selling your jewelry can benefit you and your family, you might want to know where to sell them to get the most money. This article will list some places you can go and how to sell them to proceed in times of your needs.

Sell Them In Online Marketplaces 

Anyone with an internet connection can sell anything online anytime. You only need to choose your preferred platform, sign up, and list your item. Most of these online platforms for selling jewelry cover the majority of the cities in the US, in case you might look for ‘jewelry buyers near me.’ 

Online marketplaces can be anywhere, but you should be wary of them since you might get scammed. Before diving into this, do your research and never give your personal information, especially your address, to avoid the danger of meeting harmful individuals.  

Go To Your Local Jewelry Store 

Some jewelry stores buy in cash, while some can arrange for a consignment basis. You need to know how it works for your local jewelry store. Since jewelry is a style-driven industry, those that are out of style and trend can’t command a high price.   

You need to manage your expectations when dealing with them. The best thing to do before going to your local store is to know the real value of the jewelry you’re holding. This way, you won’t get shortchanged.   

Approach Your Friends 

You may have a friend who likes your jewelry. Consider going to them before proceeding to strangers. This way, you can ensure your friend will pay you a good amount for it.   

You might find it difficult to part with your jewelry, but seeing it worn by your friend could make you feel at ease.  

Consider Selling Them In Antique Shops 

If you have a piece of vintage jewelry, you might get a reasonable price if you sell them to an antique store. It would be best to know the story behind the jewelry. If it’s an heirloom passed from generation, it can be your selling point for antique collectors.  

Thus, with the help of a professional antique dealer, you can verify the type of jewelry you have if it has greater or no value at all. 

Sign Up In Auction Sites 

Auction sites allow you to list your jewelry for a fee. What’s excellent with jewelry auction sites is they have a global audience, so you can be sure somebody out there will like your item. Listing on their site is relatively straightforward. You only need to submit a few pieces of paperwork, including some high-quality photos, and they’ll send you an estimate for free.    

Once approved, your jewelry can be sold in live or online auctions, at a private sale, in retail locations, and through the app. Your jewelry will get a lot of exposure, and the probability it will be sold will be higher.  

Go To A Pawnshop 

Selling your jewelry at a pawnshop is also possible. However, this can be one of your last resorts. Because pawnshops usually prey on sellers’ desperation and would prize the item lower than 50% of its actual value. So, to lessen this probability, ensure to find a pawnshop that offers a higher amount for your jewelry.


Whatever your reason for selling your jewelry to jewelry buyers, what’s great is your options are not limited. You can go to someone you know, search for online marketplaces, or physically go to a local store. Whichever your preference is, there’s a high chance you can sell your item if you choose the right place for your prized jewelry.

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