How to Rock a Triangle Bikini This Year

It’s summertime. It’s bikini season. It’s go time. We don’t need to tell you how long this past year has been. Last summer was not it, to be honest. But this summer is back with a vengeance. You better dress for it. This year, you’ve got options. There are quite a few cute new options on the bikini market. One of those stand-out options is one you know and love well. The triangle bikini.

Yep, she’s here to stay. Take advantage of this style by rocking it in your own way. 

Here’s how.

Why the Triangle Bikini is the Best

Let’s look into why the triangle bikini is hot this year. It’s got quite a few things going for it. 

One of the biggest reasons it’s so popular is that the style is fully adjustable. Some of us struggle to find tops that adjust to fit our proportions. Bikini bottoms are notoriously difficult to find a good fit with.

And when you take into consideration that your bikini top and bottom will come in the same size, forget it.

Triangle bikinis take the guesswork out of the equation. With string ties on the neck and bottom part of your top as well as your bottoms, your triangle bikini is fully adjustable.

Plus, the designer bikinis style has existed for quite some time. It’s a classic look that can fit and look good on everybody.

Find Your Color

Step one to rocking a triangle bikini is finding one in your favorite color. You could always go with a solid black that looks great on everyone or have some fun. Triangle bikinis come in everything from muted, natural tones to bright, neon colors. Go for one that looks good on your skin tone or go with a triangle bikini that’s totally out there.

Since this style of bikini is everywhere, you can find them in plenty of different places. Since they’re everywhere, they’re also pretty inexpensive, so you can buy a few different colors.

Play with Patterns

If fun colors just don’t cut it for you, let your personality shine with a pattern or two. The simplistic style of this bikini makes it perfect for showing off crazy patterns.

Some classic favorites are animal prints, polka dots, and stripes. Switch it up a little by playing with some tie-dye, which is another popular style in this year’s swimwear.

Mix it Up

If you just can’t see yourself wearing one color or print, don’t. Play up your wild side by mixing a patterned top with a solid-color bottom. Or vice versa. 

This can also be good for balancing out proportions. Wear the patterned piece on the part of your body you want to draw more attention to and the solid color on the one you want to appear proportionately smaller.

If you’re really trying to get outside of the box, go ahead and mix patterns (you daredevil, you). Try to stay in the same color family for a more cohesive look.

Bonus points for buying two triangle bikinis and mixing up the tops and bottoms when you’re feeling a little zesty. 

Wear it Differently

You may think a triangle bikini should be worn one way. You’d be wrong. In fact, there’s a style right now featuring a total switch-up of how you wear a triangle bikini top.

Here’s how you can join the trend. Take the neck tie and tie it around the bottom, tying the bottom strings around your neck. The triangles should be facing to the side, creating a ruching effect in the center.

Pretty cool, right?

Make it Yours

Ultimately, the key to rocking a triangle bikini is simply that: to rock it. Style it how you want and hit the pool party feeling good about your swimsuit.

Always remember: confidence is key.

Peace Adebola
Peace is a freelance content writer who enjoys reading, acquiring knowledge and she loves to code.
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