How To Revamp Your Personal Style

How To Revamp Your Personal Style
How To Revamp Your Personal Style

Are you stuck in a personal style time warp? Have you been rocking the same look for years and want to make a change? It’s a trap that so many people fall into all of the time. After all, life is busy, and things are always hectic, so it can be that your sense of style takes a backseat. Of course, some people always making looking their very best a top priority in their day to lives. Some people only get their makeup bag out for special occasions. Women with young families may barely have a minute to themselves; never mind has time to put on a full face of makeup! It’s a full-time job running a household alone, never mind worry if what you are wearing is bang on trend for that season! We recommend this bold color palette from Tory Birch. The assortment of eye-shadows will make it fun for you to change up your look from day to day.

Tory Birch Beauty EyeShadow Set

If you’ve been using the same colors for eons then why not try and switch things up? Don’t be afraid to try new colors, tones and styles. You can get lots of excellent and informative tips and tutorials online if you don’t have the skills of a real make up artist! Have fun and experiment. You may even find that you take years of yourself, especially if your style is particularly dated or belongs in the past. The best thing about trying out new ways with your makeup is that you can change your look instantly. Vamp up your mood with some sultry red lipstick, or go smokey eye with nude lips.

Oribe Apres Beach moisturizing glamour spray for beach wave hairHair is another area that you might have neglected for a long time. Lots of people play it safe and stick with the same boring old style for years. Sure it may be practical, but sometimes, you just want a bit of a change. Get beach-to-bombshell hair tousled, touchable waves with sun-kissed shine without the salty stiffness. Oribe Apres Beach moisturizing glamour spray uses rich extracts and exotic oils for lush repair and sultry texture.

Even a few highlights or a different cut from usual can totally change what you see in the mirror. Find inspiration at If you’re short on cash but want to update your look, keep an eye out for salons with special training nights. It’s possible you could get your hair done for a fraction of the normal cost. These stylists are usually in the final leg of their training and are carefully supervised, so no mistakes happen. It’s rare that they do though, so don’t worry.


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