How to Pick the Right Swimwear

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Whether you are looking to simply relax by the beach, or enjoy the accompanying water sports down under, it’s essential that you pick the right attire. Native Australian brands like the seafolly swimwear collection have all the variety to suit the occasion.

So, how do you go about choosing a swimsuit?


Australia is globally renowned for having some of the most pristine, stunning beaches. In contrast, the beach culture isn’t entirely native to the continent; this hasn’t stopped millions of Aussies from enjoying themselves.

Indeed, reports indicate that in 2017, nearly 6 million Australians either swam on a regular or occasional basis. Having the right gear may mean the difference between having a great day at the pool/beach and feeling wasted.

If you are in the market for a new swimsuit, consider these points before picking on an item.

Where to Buy

While there are countless brick and mortar stores selling swimwear, most shoppers prefer doing this over the internet.

Shopping for swimwear online in Australia offers countless benefits. Most stores regularly feature attractive sales and discounts. To gain the most from your online experience, try and purchase a product from reputable stores/brands like the seafolly swimwear collection.

  • Know Your Body Shape

As a rule of thumb, you need first to understand your body shape when it comes to picking the right swimwear. Your friend might look stunning in one design; it doesn’t mean you’ll have similar luck.

To do this, grab a sewing tailor ruler, measure your hips at the broadest point, burst at the fullest point, and waist at the thinnest point. Once you have all three measurements, compare them against standard interpretations of body shapes.

These include the I shape, banana, hourglass, apple, bell, spook, and pear shapes. Now that you know your body shape, the rest is straightforward. All you have to do is focus on these details. Pick a swimsuit that compliments your body contours.

  • Pattern, Fabric, and Colours

Want to look stunning? Here’s the secret. The trick is to pick on a bikini that compliments your curves while hiding your flaws. To accomplish this, you need to get creative with the fabrics, colors, patterns, and overall details.

Brightly colored patterns tend to accentuate your body, while patterns highlight all the features you love.

  • Picking The Right Cut

Pick a piece that will hide your waist. A great choice would be shirred panels or solid colors. Similarly, high cut bikini bottoms make your gorgeous legs appear longer if you are short or have a long torso.

To minimize your burst’s size, consider a straight across cut at the top of the swimsuit. A thick band for extra support will also aid with this. On the other hand, tie-fronts, triangle tops, and halter tops tend to draw more attention to your bosom.

How to Take Care of Your Swimwear

Take care of your swimwear lest it quickly fades. Proper care will lead to its longevity. Here’s how to clean your swimsuit:

Where possible, wash by hand using cold water and mild detergent. This helps preserve the fabric and its elasticity.

But, if you must wash by machine, always take your time to fasten all the hooks, this way, they don’t get entangled anywhere. Similarly, use cold water along with gentle detergent.

Once clean, refrain from using the dryer. While it’s tempting to do this, avoid it at all costs. It will cook your swimsuit. Instead, use a clothing line to air dry them. This will help preserve your garment.

Putting on a swimsuit that doesn’t match your body type could make you uncomfortable. It can severely damage your self-esteem, effectively ruining your chances of having fun with your friends.

Hopefully, you are now better suited to picking the right swimwear for your body shape. One you can have the confidence to participate in any water-related activities actively and have a blast.

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