How to Pass Microsoft 70-761 Exam

How to Pass #Microsoft 70-761 Exam #exams
How to Pass #Microsoft 70-761 Exam #exams

The Microsoft certification program offers the exams to evaluate the candidates’ skills and knowledge on a range of domains and technologies. Beyond demonstrating your competence and expertise in specific areas, passing a test also validates your commitment and dedication to continuous improvement and online education. The recruiters and employers are always looking for the individuals with these traits. Without a doubt, earning the MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Development certificate is a great proof that you have what it takes to deliver in a specific field of IT. (Image Credit: Rishabh Agarwal/Unsplash)

For those people who want to develop competence in SQL Server and obtain the MCSA credential, Exam-Labs 70-761 Click Here. Microsoft 70-761 is the first exam that they are required to take in order to demonstrate and validate their skills and knowledge. It is aimed at the SQL Server database administrators, developers, and system engineers with a minimum of two years of experience. These professionals are looking to validate their expertise in writing queries.

Basically, Transact-SQL is a query language used in SQL Server, which means the exam content is focused on equipping you with the skills and competence in the field of SQL. This test generally evaluates your skills in managing data with the use of Transact-SQL, programming databases with the use of Transact-SQL, and querying data using advanced Transact-SQL elements.The ability to manage data, display skills in the management of SELECT queries of Transact‑SQL, implementation of data functions and aggregation of data, querying multi-tables using joins, and adjusting data is a strong requirement for passing the Microsoft 70-761 certification exam. Additionally, you should be able to query data and program databases with Transact-SQL.

Highlights of Microsoft 70-761 exam topics

Certbolt Microsoft 70-761is a 120-minute exam comprising of 40-60 questions with the passing score of 700 points on a scale of 1000. The test is available only in the English language, and the applicants are required to register and schedule it with Pearson VUE after paying $165.

The 70-761 exam covers three broad scopes and these are the primary topics that you have to study before attempting this certification test. Here are the core areas that you should study during your preparation. You can also get Microsoft Certification Dumps to better prepare yourself for a pass.

Manage data using Transact-SQL

This topic covers the highest percentage (40-45%) of content to be evaluated in the certification exam. Under this domain, there are some technical tasks that the candidates should be able to perform in order to demonstrate their competence and earn their certificate. These tasks include the following:

  • Create queries using Transact-SQL;
  • Use joins to query multiple tables;
  • Implement a variety of functions and also aggregate data;
  • Modify data.

Query data using Transact-SQL components

In the scheme of things, this section is the second most important one within the scope of the exam content – 30-35%. This means that adequate attention must be given to it during the preparation process. The skills to be measured under this objective include:

  • Use sub-queries and APPLY to query data;
  • Use table expressions to query data;
  • Use queries for group & pivot data;
  • Query temporal & non-relational data.

Program databases using Transact-SQL

Although this topic area is the smallest of the three (25-30%), it is nonetheless important. The skills that will be evaluated in it are as follows:

  • Construct database programmability objects with the use of Transact-SQL;
  • Implement transactions and error handling;
  • Implement NULLS and data types.

The above are the objectives that the students need to develop capacity in while preparing for Microsoft 70-761. The comprehensive details of these topics and subtopics can be found on the exam page.

Preparation options for Microsoft 70-761 exam

There are different options that you can choose to prepare for Microsoft 70-761. For a start, Microsoft offers a number of resources that you can use. These include online virtual training, instructor-led courses, book resources, practice tests, and a host of other materials. To get started, check the official website to find a link to various prep tools. It is recommended that you first go through the exam objectives to understand the scope of topics that you have to study. With the understanding of these areas, you can go ahead to choose your resource for preparation. Here are some available study materials that you can explore.

Resources from the Microsoft Learning Platform

This site offers official training resources for the Microsoft certification exams. You can explore different study options, including an instructor-led course, which is delivered as an in‑classroom version or virtual training by the Microsoft certified trainers. There are other prep tools, including video tutorials, study guides, and practice tests that you can find on this platform.

Books are also a great preparation option for this test. The official recommended guide is Exam Ref 70-761: Querying Data with Transact-SQL. It is designed to help you gain competence in SQL Server 2016 data management, database programming, and queries. You can purchase this book on Microsoft Press Store and Amazon.

Study Materials from Exam-labs

To get a full package of prep tools, Exam-labs is another great website to check. You will find an extensive study bundle, which covers video tutorials with a series of lectures, a comprehensive study guide, and practice questions with answers. Those individualswho have used the resources from this platformhave shared how helpful these materials are.


Depending on your preparation preferences, you can select the best study option that fits your schedule and prep style. It is a fact that there are enough materials that you can access for your training. In conclusion, we would like to say that if you are preparing to take Microsoft 70‑761, it is recommended that you sit for it before January 31, 2021. After this date, the exam will no longer be available.

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