How to Match Your Jewelry with any Outfit 

How to Match Your Jewelry with any Outfit  #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag #jewelryandoutfits #fashiontrend

Picking an ideal outfit and good jewelry to complement it can be a tall order to some people. Without a doubt, jewelry coordinates the entire outfit while complementing style and color. On the contrary, a wrong choice of accessories ruins everything and makes the wearer appear clumsy.

Before walking into a jewelry shop, keep in mind that there are no definite rules for accessorizing. Instead, learning how to piece together your outfit and jewelry remains the most significant feat. Below are quick guides on how to accessorize any outfit perfectly.

  1. Consider your Skin Tone

Some people may argue that skin tone is not part of an outfit. However, an individual’s skin color determines the right style of attire and accessories. In your closet, there are probably some outfits you never wear. Maybe the blacktop makes your skin appear darker, or the peach color is too harsh on you.

Thankfully, shopping for your attires at is a whole new ball game because of a qualified team of experts on standby. All you need is to seek assistance regards the latest trends and proper accessories that complement them best. Note that neutral skin color tones better with silver, gold, and other gemstone colors. On the other hand, warm tones blend perfectly with orange, yellow, and green colors.

  1. Use the Color Wheel

This is a circular color arrangement organized in an achromatic manner. You can easily find colors that blend through this technique. Some of the color schemes you can find on the wheel include triadic, analogous, complementary, square, and split complementary.

In addition, consider saturation and hue when matching your accessories. For instance, if an outfit has muted tones, pick accessories with similar hue and saturation. The ultimate idea is to create a well-balanced appeal without going overboard.

  1. Keep Occasion in Mind

Occasion determines the type of accessory to pick. For formal events, go for dressed-down jewelry that commands minimal attention. Remember that even if you have an extravagant Buccellati necklace; keep it aside for casual events like a cocktail party.

It can be a struggle selecting every day’s outfits plus matching jewelry. Nevertheless, it does not harm to experiment with different styles and trends but not in a fancy way. For instance, you can incorporate playful jewelry with an easy-going outfit. That way, the jewelry breathes life to the entire look and achieves the desired look.

  1. Create a Focal Point

Pairing bold pieces of jewelry creates a rather loud and rushed appeal. In the long run, you do not want the jewelry to overwhelm your appeal but complement it. Therefore, pick one main accessory for every outfit, like a bracelet or necklace, and make it a statement piece.

On some days, choose two statement accessories but spread them evenly. That means that you should avoid overwhelming one portion of your body like the face with statement earrings and necklaces. Instead, go slow on one and use the other as the focal point. Also, wear another focal point at the bottom portion of your outfit such as an ankle ring to balance the equation.

  1. Never Forget to Layer

Layering is not only indispensable for outfits, but you can also use it on accessories. On that account, mix jewelry of various lengths to add weight and texture to your outfit. Weight on accessories does not necessarily translate to mass in grams or pounds. Instead, it is the disparity between thick and graceful pieces. Mixing jewelry on such a level undeniably creates unique interest in your final look.

There are various ways that fashionable individuals are layering their accessories lately. It is not unusual to find young people stacking different shaped rings and bracelets together. What’s more, combining dainty chains with a single gemstone is not a bad idea either. Above all, wearing earring studs in diverse sizes and shapes elucidates a unique personality and gives your outfit a much-needed boost.

  1. Let Accessories Define your Style

It is not unusual for an individual to feel more inclined to a particular fashion trend. The good thing is that jewelry speaks volumes and can quickly identify with what you wear.  Whether you are a fan of black leather and laid-down jeans or sophistication suits you best, go for pieces that tell your story.

For a chic appeal, add classic jewelry. Still, you can go a little wild depending on your moods and events and play with different styles. The bottom line is to pick pieces of jewelry that help you stay true to your fashion style.

Bottom Line

Learning the trick of selecting the right jewelry is worth every effort. After all, the right accessories help you exude your fashion style, elevate your appeal and accent features. These guidelines are critical in creating a harmonious relationship between jewelry and outfits. No matter the style, occasion, or skin tone, a perfect combination never goes wrong.

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