How to Make Your Relationship Less Toxic?

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Although you might want to believe that your relationship is perfect, no one’s relationship is the happy ever after that you see in the movies. While some relationships are purely abusive, others may simply be toxic because you are not compatible with each other or have an unresolved conflict. So then, to create a more positive and happier relationship for you both, here are some top tips to make your relationship less toxic.

Make Sex Enjoyable for Everyone

Your sex life can quickly become toxic if only one person is getting enjoyment out of sex, if you have wildly different sex drives, or if you find that you experience discomfort during sex. Some of the signs of a toxic sex life include if one of you cries after sex, if one person is putting more into sex than the other, or if sex only occurs as a way to solve a conflict between you. Then, you should work together on making sex enjoyable for both of you. For instance, if you are uncomfortable during sex due to issues such as vaginal dryness, you should consider investing in lubricant gel which can ensure that you can have sex without worrying about it being painful.

Set Boundaries

Before you do anything else to make your relationship less toxic, though, you need to try to set boundaries. Boundary setting can ensure that you are both on the same page when it comes to certain relationship issues and that you both feel comfortable and relaxed at all times. For instance, some common boundaries in relationships include keeping public affection to a minimum, being respectful about each other’s opinions, allowing each other time to spend with friends and family, and limiting physical contact.

Communicate With Each Other

The most important step that you can take to form a more positive relationship with each other is to communicate. Communication is key as it will allow you to discuss and understand each other’s feelings at any one time and will ensure that you can find a solution to problems that may otherwise derail your relationship quickly. If you struggle with verbal communication, you should try writing your emotions down, as this can put less pressure on you and can give you the chance to get the words right.

Take a Break

Sometimes, there is no other solution to toxic relationships than to take a break. Although you might not want to split permanently, taking a break can give you a chance to re-evaluate what you want and to return to the relationship, having made positive changes and sorted out your own issues.

Assess Your Own Role

However, no one is perfect, and if you believe that your relationship is toxic, you should not disregard your own role within it. Your partner may not always be responsible for all of the problems in your relationship, and it is important to be self-aware and to acknowledge when you have made mistakes.

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