How To Make Your Outfit Look Expensive

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Having a luxury lifestyle is about two things; money and confidence. However, even if the former is a little lacking at times, you can still be confident that you look great. With the following tips, you can upgrade any outfit into a luxury one that looks much more expensive than it really was. Read on to find out more.

The Magic Of Pressed Clothes

It’s incredible the difference that simply pressing an outfit can make. Although this will mean you have to add extra time to your evening or morning routine, it will be worth it. A freshly pressed blouse and pair of smart pants look far more luxe than the same clothing covered in creases and wrinkles. This can even work on older clothes, giving them one more lease of life if required. 

Get It Tailored

Finding a nice enough jacket or dress in a sale somewhere is a good start, but it may still be missing that luxurious edge. The best thing you can do to upgrade it for a fraction of the cost of buying something else would be to take it to a tailor. Someone who specializes in dressmaking will be able to change the piece into something else. Just by adding some darts and taking in the waist or shortening the sleeves – and many other ideas besides – the garment you bought for hardly anything that looks the same as dozens of other people’s clothes will suddenly be uplifted into something unique. 

Remember Your Accessories 

Almost any outfit can be upgraded into a luxury one when you add the right accessories. Perhaps your budget wouldn’t stretch to a designer dress, but you do have a gorgeous designer watch, bag, or shoes. 

Or maybe it’s your jewelry that makes the difference. Your earrings, your necklace, or even your nose stud piercing that catches the light in just the right way to show off the color in the dress you chose, will all add together to create a luxurious look that will mean it makes no difference whether the clothes you’re wearing are technically luxury items or not. 

Dress In Tonal Colors 

Choosing to wear all black or all white, for example, is a great look that offers a luxurious touch to any occasion. These tones are elongating, which will make you look great and really boost your confidence, and when you choose to wear a monochrome outfit it will look as though you meant to do it – it will look entirely intentional. 

If you choose to go down this route, the only thing to remember is that the blacks must all be the same shade of black, and the whites must all be the same shade of white. Any slight variation will catch the eye and will detract from the luxury look and feel. 

Layer Up

Is there anything chicer than a tailored jacket? If you own one of these, you can elevate a floral dress, denim, or a pair of black pants into something stunning. This could be the one item you invest in that will make everything else you own look perfect. 

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