How To Make Your Home More Luxurious

How To Make Your Home More Luxurious:#beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #home #luxuryhome #luxurious #luxurioushomes #dreamhome #homeimmprovement
How To Make Your Home More Luxurious:#beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #home #luxuryhome #luxurious #luxurioushomes #dreamhome #homeimmprovement

Even before the chaos that was 2020 struck with, many of us sensed deep down that more balance was needed, that the way we were living was uneven. The temperance needed can be seen in all areas of life, but especially since many of us have spent so much of this year at home, we can feel it in our physical environments. (Image Credits: Bruce Clark/Pexels)

There are countless questions we can be asking right now, and all of them are valid. One of these questions is how can I make my space more enjoyable to live in, without sacrificing the environment and without producing unnecessary waste, and without dealing any more damage to the world as a whole.

It is completely possible to have your home feel cozy and warm and lived in while keeping things minimal and mindful. You might find out that it’s actually easier for your home to feel luxurious when you focus on these things.

Incorporate More Life Into Your Home

Indoor plants, or house plants, do wonders for your home. Not only do they look beautiful and lively and fresh, adding colour and vibrance to whatever room they are in, but having plants in your house helps keep the air clean and reduces anxiety.

Plants improve your mood, boost your creativity, and increase your concentration. They lower stress and fatigue and even reduce sore throats and colds. Adding plants is a simple way to improve the feeling of the space you’re in.

Be Mindful Of What You Add

Clutter not only looks terrible, but studies have shown that it feels terrible as well. Having clutter around you increases the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, in your body. Not only does this leave you feeling wretched, it also has countless negative impacts on your health as a whole.

Not only does this mean you should give your space a little tidy and maybe consider getting rid of some things, but it also means you should be mindful when shopping. Truly consider where an item would go in your home if there’s a comfortable space for it.

Ask yourself if the item is going to add to the clutter over time? It’s okay to put off a purchase with a statement like, “If I still want this next month, then I’ll buy it,” or “After I clean out the closet and make room for this, I’ll come back for it.”

Think About Comfort First

It doesn’t matter how many trendy photographs you paste-up on the walls if your space is not one your body can feel at home in. Things like the temperature and quality of the air in your home and the humidity can have a massive impact on how luxurious your home feels.

Experts at point out that this doesn’t mean you need to do a complete overhaul of your home’s utility systems. It can be as simple as adding a fuzzy blanket to one room or running a dehumidifier for twenty minutes each day.

Take a moment to sit in your space and note how you feel. Does the air feel wet or dry? Does the air smell and taste fresh? Is it warm or cold? Adjust accordingly.

Think About The Layout And The Use Of Space

This abstract note can make a huge difference in how your space feels. Where things are placed affects how you move about within, and use a room. Environmental psychologists have found that interacting with an environment is good for us, and so recommend laying out environments in an engaging way. Pay attention to parts of the layout that are always a problem.

For example, is the rack for shoes in an awkward place resulting in everyone leaving their shoes closer to the door? Do you have one of those coffee tables that everyone seems to clip a toe on? When people come out of the bathroom have they wiped their hands on their pants or was the hand towel in a place that was easy and comfortable for them to access?

As you can see with the four simple tips above, having a more luxurious home is about so much more than buying pretty things and sticking them somewhere in your house. How the house feels is far more important. The choices you make regarding your home can have an impact on your health, mentality, and overall well being. With the above points in mind, you’re well on your way to making your house feel more luxurious to everyone within it.

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