How To Make A Wig Look Natural On You

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There are many different types of wigs ranging from short to long, wavy to straight. The quality of the wig determines how natural the wig will look when you wear it. However, you can’t underestimate the art that comes with wearing a wig. Wearing one isn’t the same as wearing a cap. (Image Credit: Brett Sayles/Pexels)

There’s a process required to make sure that the wig looks natural on you. Here are some ways of how to do that.

  1. Prepare Your Hair

For wigs to look natural, you need to prepare your hair before wearing one. The preparation should include washing, drying, moisturizing, and plating in a flat style, such as cornrows if you have long hair. For short hair, you must comb it even. Failing to prepare your hair may result in the wig appearing as if it has lumps. This happens because a wig can take the shape of the hair you have underneath. You can’t wear a wig on top of box braids, for example, because of the bulky nature of braids. Having prepared your hair, you can then go through a wide range of wigs at online shops like KESWIGS or others like it, and find one that best suits your style.

  2. Brush Or Comb 

You can brush or comb your wig to give it a natural look. Brushing or combing the wig makes it buoyant and gives it a natural look, particularly if it’s brand new. Any particles that may be entangled in the weave are also removed by brushing or combing. You must do so whenever you notice that the weave is tangled. Make sure to gently brush or comb the weave to avoid destroying its shape. Take into consideration the type of wig you have. Wavy wigs, for example, may require a gentle detangling using your fingers rather than a comb. A comb could remove the wavy texture of the wig.

  3. Moisturize 

Moisturizing your wig as you do your hair may give it a natural look. You can apply natural-based moisturizing oils such as coconut oil that won’t temper with the hair texture compared to chemical-based products. You can also spray water on the wig using a spray bottle to remove the dry and brittle look that could develop as you continuously wear the wig.

  4. Heat Press The Wig

Heat pressing your wig can boost the natural style look on you. Depending on the type of wig, you can switch up the style and straighten it if your wig is curly. The same applies to curling a straight wig. You must make sure that you only apply heat to human hair-based wigs as synthetic wigs might catch fire if heat is applied.

  5. Snugly Secure To Your Hair 

For your wig to appear natural, you must make sure to snugly secure the net, pins, or ties to your hair. As you go by your day, your wig will shift if not snugly secured. Make sure that the ties aren’t too tight in your hair or digging into your scalp, as this can damage your hair and cause scalp sores. You can check your wig on a mirror throughout the day to see if it requires any adjustment.

  6. Tuck In Net Ends 

If the wig net is poking out or visible on your forehead, the wig won’t look natural on you. It will be obvious that you have incorrectly placed the wig on your head. You should wear your wig while you look in the mirror to make sure that there are no ends of the net sticking out. Make sure to tuck in the ends right around your head.

  7. Apply Gel On Your Baby Hair

If you have baby hair, you can apply the gel onto it and style it in such a way that it blends in with the wig. This only applies if your wig is the type that leaves space for your baby hair to be displayed. If your hair is not gelled down, the difference between the wig and your hair will be very noticeable.


Wearing a wig in a natural way is an art that can be perfected over time. You need to make sure to style your hair properly in preparation for the wig; brush or comb the wig, moisturize it, snugly secure the net in your hair, tuck in any peeking net ends, and apply the gel on your baby hair. Make sure that the wig is of good quality, too, because low-quality ones won’t look natural on you, no matter how you try to style it.

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