How to Maintain Your Pearly Whites This Year

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A bright, healthy smile is everyone’s pride and joy, and so many people are looking for ways to maintain theirs. Some of the solutions available are chemical-based, and as such, they’re not attractive to people who have become sensitive about the products they use. Read on to see some ways in which you can maintain your pearly whites this year and own a smile you’re proud of.

Brush and Floss Regularly

Great oral health starts with daily habits at home like brushing your teeth and flossing regularly. Making this a part of your beauty routine will yield tangible results in a short time and you will get a permanent change. For as long as you maintain good habits, you will boast of good teeth and enjoy socializing and smiling often. With a recent survey showing that 80% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 49 want to have whiter teeth, you can make this dream a reality for you by starting with a few effortless changes.

Eat Lots of Fruits and Vegetables

We are what we eat, and our teeth are also a result of our diets. To get a healthy set of pearly whites that leaves everyone who sees them impressed, you should start with a good, healthy diet. Make sure that each meal you eat is paired with a good serving of fruits and vegetables. These will help clean and strengthen your teeth as you eat them, leaving them in a much better state after a reasonable time of doing this. While fruits will generally be sweet, this sugar isn’t as damaging as processed sugar. Always include vegetables and fruits in your grocery shopping to ensure you have some at hand. You can also snack on them instead of reaching for junk food and you will end up improving not just your oral health, but your overall health too.

Avoid Stains From Foods and Drinks

To get a head-turning set of pearly whites, you need to watch what you eat and make sure to avoid any foods and drinks with the potential to stain your teeth. Drinks like red wine, whose acidity pairs well with sweet and fatty foods, have the potential to leave your teeth stained, especially when consumed regularly. Other things like coffee and tea also stain the teeth, so if you do take them, do so in moderation and always brush your teeth once you’re done. The tobacco from cigarettes is another notorious source of stains on the teeth, so if you do smoke, you may want to consider kicking the habit. Apart from better oral health, you will also have great overall health and have a better life in general.

Seek Your Dentist’s Advice

Finally, visit your dentist regularly and follow their advice. If they tell you that you need to drop a certain habit or pick another one up, be sure to do so because they know best. If you’re thinking of using over-the-counter teeth whiteners, ask your dentist about this so that they can advise you accordingly and let you know which products are safe and which ones to avoid. This way, you can use products with the confidence that they have the backing of your dentist and so they’re going to work without side effects.

The tips above should help you maintain a bright, lovely smile that will see your confidence soar and your social life improve. Try them out and stick to the good habits to see your life, not just your oral health, improve. You can take your family along on this oral health journey so you can motivate each other and get amazing teeth together.

Tim Werth
Timothy Beck Werth was born on the Fourth of July. He studied journalism, film, and radio at the University of Southern California. Previously, he worked as a reporter and copywriter in Los Angeles.
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