How to Landscape Around Your Pool Like a Pro

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About 17.12% of Americans aged 18 and 29 years have a hot tub, pool, or spa. If you own a pool, you can landscape around it to bring your outdoor space to life, augment your home’s architectural design, and improve the luxury in your yard. Designing the landscape and deciding which plants to include around your swimming pool can be intimidating. Adding cool deck colors to your pool can really help improve the overall visual of your space. By adding a pop of color, you can help liven up your pool area and make it more inviting for guests. To help you get started, here’s how to landscape around your pool like a pro.

Use Plants Suitable for Your Area

One thing that will enable you to landscape around your pool like a pro is selecting suitable plants for your environment. The plants you choose should be able to thrive well in your area’s soil and weather conditions. If you live in a dry area that experiences drought, plant drought-tolerant trees, flowers, and shrubs that require less watering and maintenance. Plant moisture-loving plants if your area experiences adequate rainfall throughout the year. Selecting the right plants will result in a healthy landscape.

Include Container Gardens

Including container gardens around your pool is a common pro landscaping tip many people use in their homes. Strategically arrange the container gardens around the perimeter of your pool. Add a variety of plants in the containers, including annual and perennial flowers, succulents, and ornamental grass, among other plants.

Container gardens require small space and can add color around your pool. The pots also add visual aesthetics and complement your yard’s overall look and theme. Therefore, ensure you match the color of the containers with your home’s exterior color and finishing. There are more than 600,000 landscaping businesses in the United States today. Acquire container gardens from the most reputable landscaping business near you to complement the look of your yard.

Add Lighting

You may want to spend time around your pool even after the sun goes down. This will require you to add lighting around your pool. Adding lights will not only provide lighting but also enhance the appearance of your pool. The best lighting to install depends on your landscape.

Put a string of lights if you want a casual poolside look. Uplighting looks good when installed behind plants or shrubs, while strip lighting can be used on the edges of your flower beds and pool. Hardscape or path lights are ideal for illuminating pathways around your pool, while floodlights are suitable for patios. Using proper lighting in the right place will make the landscape around your pool beautiful.

Incorporate Hardscaping Elements

Another tip that will enable you to landscape around your pool like a pro is including hardscaping elements in your yard. Hardscaping is a landscaping practice that can significantly enhance aesthetics around your pool. Hardscape around your pool by constructing walkways and patios. Walkways will provide access to your pool, while a patio can provide room for hosting and entertaining guests. It would help to put furniture and a sound system on the patio to increase luxury. Depending on your home’s exterior design, you can use natural stone, concrete, brick, or other hardscaping materials to construct walkways and patios.

To give your pool area a more natural look, you can add river rocks and an artificial waterfall. You can also put a sculpture or water feature next to your pool. Incorporating hardscape elements around your pool will give your yard a peculiar look. Consult your landscape designer about which materials to use for hardscaping.

Following these tips will enable you to landscape the area around your pool like a pro. If you need help, millions of professionals in the landscaping industry can be of assistance. Recent research indicates that the landscaping sector employs about one million people. Contact one of them today if you need help landscaping the area around your pool or have any landscaping questions. A professional will help improve appearance, functionality, and luxury around your pool area.

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