How to Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Furnace Filter

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Changing air filters is part of keeping your home clean and clear of debris. You should include your HVAC system as part of your cleaning routine so you remember to replace the furnace filter. Doing so not only keeps your HVAC system healthy but also ensures you and your family are breathing clean air. You will also save on your energy bills, as your HVAC doesn’t need to work harder to cool or warm your home.

We’ve got some tips to let you know when it’s time to replace your furnace filter.

Check Your Manufacturer’s Guide

You should always refer to your manufacturer’s guide because it will suggest how often to replace filters. If you have a standard one-inch filter, you usually will need to fit a new one every 30 to 90 days. If you replace a high-efficiency filter, they only need to be changed around six to nine months.

Foul Odors

Even if you change your filters as recommended, you may need to change them more frequently if you own a pet. Cats and dogs can leave a lot of dander in the air that could clog your filter. It can also cause your filter to give off a musty smell. If your pet sheds a lot, brushing them regularly ensures that you control the fur.

In addition, mold could cause the air to smell musty. When you open your air conditioning unit, inspect for mold. If you notice mold inside the system, you can wipe it away and give it a good clean. If the mold is on the filter, when you replace the filter, the smell should go away.


Allergens stay in the air. Changing the filter regularly is vital if you live with someone with bad allergies. If you find your family member is sneezing a lot or allergies seem to be flaring up, it could be due to a dirty filter. Once the filter is replaced, it should remove pollutants from the air more effectively.


Anyone who has asthma requires the home to be clean and fresh. Even if you are on top of your cleaning regime, you may still notice constant flare-ups. Often the furnace filter can be the culprit that causes asthma to be worse. During the spring and summer months, flare-ups are often worse due to plant pollen and mold spores.

Expensive Energy Bills

Your HVAC system works to cool or heat the air. However, when the furnace filter is clogged, it can’t work efficiently. It takes longer to work and uses more energy, causing you to receive these unexplainable bills.

Waiting too long to change the filter can cause complications in the system itself. When you change it regularly, you can save money on your energy bills.

Set Reminders

To ensure that you change your filter on time, whether you live with someone with allergies, asthma, or just in general, it’s advisable to set a reminder in your calendar. With all the other tasks on our to-do lists, it could easily get missed. Setting a reminder will guarantee that you will get to it.

Forgetting to change the filter can lead to a breakdown of your HVAC system. Over time the motor has to work harder as there is too much dirt inside the filter. Eventually, the motor can give up and will require changing.

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