How To Keep Your Child’s Hair Healthy

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There aren’t many major differences when it comes to an adult’s hair and a child’s hair. However, kids’ hair may be on the fine and knotty side, which can cause arguments when it’s time to brush it before school! 

It’s important that children wash their hair regularly, particularly if they spend a lot of time playing outside. That said, it’s best not to use harsh shampoos and styling products on young hair. Instead, follow the tips below to ensure that your child’s hair remains healthy and beautiful.

  • Use Neutral pH Shampoo

Shampoos with neutral pH (a pH as close to 7 as possible) clean effectively without leaving residue on your child’s scalp, which can otherwise cause hair dryness. Just like shampoo, the best conditioner for curly hair, is one that’s specially-formulated to be gentle, moisturising, and safe for everyday use.

  • Opt For Hair Care Products Made Specifically For Kids

Kids’ scalps are particularly sensitive, and some children can be prone to various skin conditions like eczema. It’s important not to use any products that contain mineral oils, sodium, sulfates, and parabens; this will help prevent scalp issues and damaged hair.

If you and your children have textured hair, it isn’t advisable to use the same hair care products, as adult ranges may sometimes contain ingredients that aren’t suitable for the hair and scalp of your kids.

  • Brush Your Child’s Hair Regularly

Brushing promotes good blood circulation in the scalp. To help remove knots with minimal fuss, start at the bottom and slowly work your way up to the roots. For curly hair, use a comb with big teeth. If your child has straight hair, use brushes with smaller teeth. 

  • Use Oil To Nourish Hair

If you want your child’s hair to be well-nourished, moisturised, and easy to manage, make sure to oil it regularly. While oiling your child’s hair, massage the scalp to help the blood flow to the roots of the hair. 

When looking for a good type of oil, it’s best to stick with coconut or olive oil. These are natural treatments that don’t contain excessive amounts of chemicals that can be found in other styling products.

  • Use Unperfumed And Non-Alcoholic Products

If your child needs a trim and you want to style it using gel or hair spray, try using items without perfumes or alcohol. Moreover, don’t forget to wash your child’s hair properly to avoid build-up of products that may cause scalp issues like dandruff.

  • Pay Attention To Your Child’s Diet

Did you know that diet plays an essential role in your kid’s hair health and growth? Make sure that your children eat lots of green, leafy vegetables and fruits, as well as sufficient proteins and their daily vitamins. It’s also an excellent idea to make it a habit to make them drink at least eight glasses of water a day – not just for their hair, but for their general health.


To ensure that your child has healthy hair, make sure to follow the tips above. Regular brushing, shampooing, and oiling are essential. With a bit of guidance and extra care from your side, you can be assured that your child’s hair will stay healthy. However, if you have specific concerns, it’s wise to ask for help from professional hair experts.

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