How to house train a Chihuahua

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You finally got a Chihuahua. Suddenly the house is filled with joy and happiness . It seems like the pup breathed life into the house again. Which is the norm – Chihuahuas’ are cute, friendly dogs that are easily the centre of attention wherever they go.

All the fun and joy begins to fade when the little guy starts relieving himself on the sitting room mats . In the house corners ,and any other place they feel they aren’t being seen .So you decide that these needs to stop . But how – house training. There’s a few things you’ll need, potentially the best chihuahua muzzle, some training pads, a lead & collar to name a few.

House training can be challenging, but as a Chihuahua owner, you have to embrace the challenge as it comes with the territory.

House training is divided into two categories, the first one being the use of puppy pads and the other taking the pup outside.

Read on to find out how to train a Chihuahua using both approaches.

Training using the puppy pads 

Before you get started on the training, it is critical to understand a few things. First, you need to buy enough puppy pads, to replace the dirty ones with clean ones. Second, Choose where you will place the pads. It should be an easy access area for the dog, and shouldn’t change.

Buy enough treats that you will give the Chihuahua as a reward every time he accomplishes a task.

Remember to be committed and patient with the pup. For it takes time.

Now that you have all that down, you can start the training.

Place the potty pads.

In the area you had designated , place the potty pads . It should be an area that the dog can get to easily, and one that offers privacy . Some of the best places you can place the pads is in a bedroom you don’t use , a store , or a utility room .

The area needs to be constant, changing it may confuse the dog, and you do not want that.

Introduce the pads.

Make it a point to take your Chihuahua to the pads every morning or evening . Doing so will introduce the pup to the pads . He or she will know what they are and their use . Chihuahuas are very clever by the way.

Get to know when 

Pay close attention to your Chihuahua, learn what his or her movements are like when they want to go potty . Once you master how he behaves. You will be able to take him to the potty pads immediately.

When he or she wakes up.

In the morning , once your pup is awake , take him to the puppy pads . Then give the order for him to relieve himself . Once he is done , give plenty of treats and shower him with lots of praise . Words like good boy or good girl will do the trick .

Repeat this process daily until he or she starts to go on their own . Once they do, offer treats and praise abundantly.

Do the same every time the Chihuahua has a had a meal or when they wake up . The key is in repetition . Chihuahuas have an innate urge to please. Therefore, when you keep praising them, and offer treats they will stay in line.


When you find your pup going potty at another place, no need to get frustrated or angry .For the pup will see that and get afraid . The best thing to do is take him to where the potty pad is . Then offer a reward . That way, the Chihuahua will always associate using the pad with treats.

Always be polite and speak normally, use of harsh tones only scares the pup, it does not change anything.

Outdoor training

The training process is just as similar as with the puppy pads . Only difference is you are taking the pup outside.

First, you pick a spot, then direct the pup to the place every time he needs to relieve himself . Offer lots of treats for each successful step. Then repeat, and repeat some more till your Chihuahua pup starts going alone.

As with step one, be polite and patient . Also be happy when they go on their own, the happiness will excite them to always go to the spot. Instead of somewhere else.

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