How to Hire A Comedian For A Corporate Event

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Corporate events are often viewed as prim and proper, but this can get exhausting! So instead of making everyone feel like they have to focus and be stern, consider inviting comedy into the room to help everyone loosen up and relax.

You can hire a corporate comedian for the event and make your attendees laugh with hilarious jokes and other entertaining tricks.

These are the top steps to hiring a corporate comedian and what they can offer you!

Determine the Type of Event

What type of corporate event is this?  Is it an announcement of a large change that will affect the entire company, or is it something smaller that needs a mood boost?  Take the time to decide which, because this will help determine how long you need the comedian to perform for and if they need to come back out and serve more than once during an event.  Talk to whoever is running the corporate event and try to find out a schedule to give your acts a clear picture of what to expect.

Seek Clean Comedians

There are many types of comedy, but clean comedians are the best bet for any corporate event.  A clean comedian can make jokes that don’t hurt anyone’s feelings while also being funny enough to make everyone relax and cut loose during their event.  Clean comedians may also work in other genres and offer working clean if you want it, but many only do clean comedy.  It’s okay to ask for a sample of pure comedy from whichever comedians you talk to.

Find Them on Gig Sites

Many good comedians can be found on awesome gig sites, making it so much easier to book a comedian. In addition, these sites often allow you to sort acts by their budgets, when they’re available, what type of comedy they do, and their reviews from clients. This gives you the freedom to be pickier and ensures that you find the right comedian early on.

Communicate Needs

Communicating needs isn’t just about the corporation’s needs but also about what the comedian is looking for.  This means you’ll make sure they understand what subject matters are off-limits, and if the comedian has a request like breaks or sparkling water, your company will, in turn, be able to deliver this.  Communicate about this early on so that it’s not something that surprises you at the last minute.

Hire Then As Soon As Possible

You must try to hire entertainment as early as possible.  Not only will this ensure that you get that part of planning out of the way, but it also ensures that they’ll be available when you need them. For example, good corporate comedians are busiest at the turn of quarters and in the holiday seasons: so if you want to catch one during these times, you need to hire them sooner rather than later.  

A Comedian Can Be a Corporate Game Changer

When hiring a comedian, their main job is to be able to make people laugh. So seek out someone who has a good sense of humor, understands the company’s needs, and is available within your budget.  If you can find all of this in one person: you’ve found your perfect fit.

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