How To Have A Successful Business Trade Show

How To Have A Successful Business Trade Show
How To Have A Successful Business Trade Show

Long gone are the days when companies could throw a white table cloth over a table, clumsily place a few items on top next to a stack of brochures, and call that a stand. The world of exhibitions has never been more creative, competitive and demanding so it is essential that companies are pulling out all the stops to ensure that they are getting a good return on their investment, when it comes to having a presence at important trade shows.

Here are our top tips on how to create a great buzz around your stand,  grab the attention of the visitors and ensure your business trade show is a roaring success.

Cutting Edge Design

You will need to make sure that not only is the design and atmosphere of your stand high-level but that it communicates to passing visitors what your company is all about, and there lies the biggest challenge of all. Simultaneously creating beautiful, modern and compelling stand design whilst also delivering the functionality and benefits of your brand is no mean feat. It takes time, experience and usually a little help along the way, to really nail it.

If you are struggling for inspiration then turning to the professionals is definitely a good idea. Whether you are looking for someone to really take control or to work side by side with someone, get more at or a similar company that specializes in trade show stand design. Hiring the help of a specialists company not only takes the pressure off, it also allows you to learn new skills from them that you can put to good use at future trade shows and it also means that you can be confident that the money you are putting into your show is going to be well spent.

Social Media

Before, and surrounding, any successful trade show, you are going to need to be creating a buzz in the market for your potential visitors. The best way to do that nowadays is through social media. No one is going to truly understand what you are doing at the show, what you are promoting and what the benefits of that product or service are, unless you invest a lot of time before and during the show promoting it.

Therefore you are going to need to plan a really detailed, thorough and creative marketing campaign. Do this before the show in an attempt to get people excited about what you are going to be showcasing. Some businesses like to take the ‘all will be revealed on the day’ approach whereas other companies prefer to heavily promote the product being launched in the hope that it will build desire for that product. So think about the best promotional strategy for whatever you are launching or promoting at the show.

Gadgets, Gizmos & Hashtags

Getting weird and wonderful gadgets and gizmos from brands such as onto your stand that visitors can have fun playing with and interacting with is a top way to increase the traffic to your stand. From there make sure that people are taking pics on your stand, with you chosen game or gadget. Then that they are using the special hashtag that you have created specifically around the event.

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