How To Handle Uninsured Driver Car Accidents

How To Handle Uninsured Driver Car Accidents
How To Handle Uninsured Driver Car Accidents

Accidents happen all the time on the road. Thousands of cars traveling at all different kinds of speeds each susceptible to the whims of the driver. Sounds pretty obvious accidents are going to happen right? That is why insurance exists. But some drivers go uninsured. Sometimes it can be intentional, other times people have made mistakes and forgotten to renew their car’s insurance. But what do you do if something happens and you get hit by someone who is uninsured? Well, these tips may help you. (Image Credit)

Go Down The Usual Route

If you’re injured as a result of a crash don’t let it stop you contacting someone to help you get compensation, you can find help at In the UK the money can come from the motor insurers’ bureau which can go towards your compensation and in the US you can sue the driver directly. Don’t be put off, because if you are injured then it could potentially affect different aspects of your life. You may not be able to play sports or even work, so go down the usual routes, claim for compensation and contact your insurance firm to tell them what has happened.

Note It All Down

The driver’s appearance, the car’s appearance, the number plate etc. The more information you have the better a picture you can build for repair compensation and the more detailed the account you to your own insurance firm. It could also help if the police get involved in case the car was stolen. This is often the case when hit by an uninsured driver so err on the side of caution at all times.

Take Money If Offered

If the driver offers to pay for the repairs out of his own pocket instead of getting into trouble for not being insured then you should consider it. First, because your own insurance company may not have the right policy to cover you for accidents with uninsured drivers, and secondly because you may not get anything else from the driver. So take it, and get your car fixed up with the cash. If the accident was so bad you can’t drive away. This option becomes untenable because your car may, unfortunately, become a write-off.

Check Your Policy

If there is no chance of recovering money from the uninsured driver then you need to check your insurance policy to see if you are covered. If you are, then they will fully pay for damage to your car. Be careful though, because it could affect your no claims bonus. Some policies protect your no claims but others are more dubious. You’re best off going with an insurance firm that covers you for uninsured collisions. Plus one that also protect your no claims discount. Don’t let your insurance company get out of it either. They may be upfront and happy to help, but some like to try and wiggle out of any financial obligations. Even after you have paid them for years. Here’s how you can properly check up on your policy.

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