How To Get Beautiful Smiles Like Celebrities

How To Get Beautiful Smiles Like Celebrities #smile #happiness #celebrities #beautiful #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag #beverlyhills

Lady Gaga’s song “Born This Way” is an inspiration for people to be themselves. For some, that means expressing themselves through aesthetic improvements.

When people see Hollywood celebrities, it can be easy to be fooled into thinking they were gifted with phenomenal genetics. And that may be the case for some, but for many, their style was carefully crafted over time. (Image Credit: Pexels/Pixabay)

Perfection is Not the Goal

One of the things people often misunderstand about cosmetic procedures is that the best result isn’t perfection. Let me explain:

Hollywood is an identity business. The most memorable celebrity smiles have a style and charm that is unique to them. And that doesn’t mean perfection. It means their smile is a characteristic that you know right away is theirs.

A smile is all about the harmony of the entire package. A smile for one’s person’s facial features may work in harmony like a symphony, but on another, it might fall flat.

Often, the most beautiful people have asymmetric features that counterbalance each other. I spend most of my time helping patients create smiles that complement other features of their face. For example, if a nose has a slight asymmetry, the smile can be designed to counterbalance it and create an attractive facial harmony.

It’s the same reason why Jerry Seinfeld has received worldwide acclaim for comedy, but if someone else tried the same material, the delivery wouldn’t be the same.

That’s the concept of identity, and a smile works the same way.

How To Get Beautiful Smiles Like Celebrities #smile #happiness #celebrities #beautiful #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag #beverlyhills

Creating Character

Smile defects can actually create character and complement your overall image. For example, one of the first global super-models, Lauren Hutton. Aside from her incredible beauty and poise, what made headlines and a career for her was her less-than-perfect smile. She had a gap-tooth smile. At the time, it was unheard of – yet her personality, looks and how her smile was uniquely hers helped her become a sensation. Sometimes when a patient has very symmetrical facial features, keeping a little bit of a defect in the smile helps to add a certain charm that can be an attractive trait.

The smile is the focal point of the face. Therefore, it’s one of the primary ways celebrities project confidence. I look at someone like Bradley Cooper. Early in his career, he played several small roles as characters who weren’t particularly confident—and he smiled significantly less in those early movies. Then, in the movie “The Hangover,” you see him in a role with a charming smile and loads of confidence to boot. That’s when he became a leading man. A smile has a huge impact on how others perceive us, but it also plays a big part in how we feel about ourselves.

Health is Beautiful

We’ve talked a lot about beauty, but we can never forget that the foundation of beauty is health. I have never met someone who has a beautiful smile without also having good health. Health is beautiful.

A big part of cosmetic dentistry going forward will be focused on blending beauty and function.

Function matters. I see so many people that have beautiful smiles but they have headaches, they have soreness, or they clench and grind their teeth. These are all signs that things aren’t working together ideally. You need to floss, brush, and practice regular preventative care to keep the gums, teeth, and jaw structure healthy.

From veneers, to whitening, to gummy smile surgery, I’ve seen some caterpillars blossom into Hollywood butterflies. The before and afters for some of our biggest stars have been pretty dramatic.

And it doesn’t stop there. Even the most beautiful smiles are prone to accidents, defects, and aging. By keeping their cosmetic dentist on call to fine tune any defects with veneers, whitening, or other treatments, celebrities maintain a seemingly ageless appearance.

Remember: you should give very careful thought to your own uniqueness, what makes sense in terms of what you want for your appearance and why good dental health is at the core of any good smile.

Dr. Charles Sutera
Dr. Charles Sutera

About Charles Sutera, DMD, FAGD

Dr. Sutera FAGD, is a doctor of dental medicine, TMJ specialist, board-certified in moderate dental anesthesiology, and renowned for high profile cosmetic dental reconstructions. He has been featured in numerous national publications, radio interviews, and television appearances. His practice, Aesthetic Smile Reconstruction is located in the Boston metro area.

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