How To Find An Adjustable Bed Frame And Compatible Mattresses

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An adjustable bed frame enables you to create a customizable sleep position and relaxing experience. This leaves you not only well-rested but also restored. These beds have also been proven to offer various medical benefits and make it easier to use the bed when reading or watching a movie. Not all mattresses work with adjustable bed frames. Selecting a mattress compatible with the bed frame enables you to experience all the benefits of the latest models of adjustable beds

Adjustable beds come in different designs. Some enable you to elevate the bed on the head area, while others can be elevated on both the head and foot areas. Most of these frames have customized features such as wireless remote control, zero gravity settings, massage feature, and lighting. You can also customize your resting posture making them very convenient for those relaxing moments. The mattress should be flexible enough to move with the shape of the bed frame or the base. Due to regular repositioning, the mattress must also be durable and maintain its level of support and shape. 

How To Find An Adjustable Bed Frame

Many people have embraced adjustable beds due to the many advantages and levels of comfort they offer. For the longest time, these beds were primarily found in hospitals due to different patient needs. Adjustable bed frames have been touted to improve sleep. They are also known to relieve sleep apnea, acid reflux, snoring, fibromyalgia, edema, and breathing difficulties. Some of these beds come with sleep-enhancing bells and whistles like full-body massage accessories fixed below the bed. If you are looking for one, you may consider the following key features.


Always go for a durable bed that will withstand bending and pressure. Investing in a heavy duty bed frame is a great solution for those looking to upgrade their sleeping experience. Not only do they provide extra support and comfort, but their strength and durability can make them last a lifetime. Durability also has to do with how the bed is constructed, the materials used in construction, mechanical parts, and the electronics attached or associated with the bed. Some bed frames are ISO certified after being tried and tested by certified companies. The longevity reports sometimes come from satisfied clients, and that’s why it’s advisable to check out online reviews before purchase.

Health Benefits

When looking for an adjustable bed frame, always consider the health benefits associated with the specific type. It’s possible to find reviews both online and offline from satisfied customers. Such include relief from shoulder, neck and back, fibromyalgia, and muscle pain. Others report relief from edema, snoring, acid reflux, sleep apnea, and breathing problems. If a bed can provide variety in positioning functions, it tends to be ranked higher in terms of health benefits. This is an aspect you would love to consider when looking for one.


Just as with the mattresses, you want to go for a bed that has an extended warranty. It’s fairly common to find adjustable bed frames with 20 years or lifetime warranty. Always go for brands with a longer warranty as this is a clear sign the manufacturer believes in their product. Electrical and motor parts may have a 1-5 years warranty which is still better than none.

Consider The Company’s Rating

You can visit Google reviews, Yelp, or the company’s own website to see how consumers rate the company’s products. If the manufacturing company is listed on BBB with a good accreditation, the better. An A+ accreditation indicates the product is highly trusted by users.


Compare various prices before purchase to avoid being overcharged. Adjustable bed frames are all over online, making it easy to compare different prices. While comparing prices, however, you may want to factor in other aspects such as shipping and additional hidden charges.

 How To Find A Compatible Mattress

When choosing a mattress, it’s also important to consider your sleeping position and your unique needs. Some mattresses are custom-made for people with different needs. Some are for heavy sleepers, side sleepers, active people, those with back pains, those that need pressure relief, and those looking for comfort. The good news is that most of these mattresses offer most of these comforts. There are several factors to consider when looking for a mattress compatible with an adjustable bed frame. These include:

Mattress Size And Design

Always ensure the size of your mattress matches that of your bed. The mattress can have a split or solid design. A solid design gives you a full mattress, while a split design has two mattresses that adjust side-by-side beds independently. Some are only split at the top so that each side of the head can be adjusted.

Pressure Relief

Always go for a mattress that provides pressure relief. A mattress made from latex gives this advantage since the material conforms to your body shape. Latex mattresses are better able to provide support along with comfort for a better sleep. 


Memory foam and latex mattresses are the best when it comes to contouring, and they work well with adjustable beds since they take the shape of the bed. They provide a perfect body contouring shape, and for a foam mattress, you sink into the mattress as it accommodates whatever form it finds itself on. If you are looking for moderate contouring, you may opt for latex or polyfoam.

Mattress Type

Mattresses come in different types depending on your preferences. You can choose from a range of the most common types, which are latex and memory foam. Memory foam mattresses conform to your body shape and are known to relieve pressure. They have a gel-infused foam where your body sinks. Latex mattresses are similar to memory foam, though a bit more bouncy. They are more sturdy and long-lasting.


If you go for a  mattress that is too thick, you may not enjoy the idea behind the adjustable bed frame. Go for a mattress that is mid-range in terms of thickness.

Finding an adjustable bed frame and compatible mattresses is easy considering the proliferation both online and offline. However, ensure your look for different specifications since both are meant to be long-term investments. Always go for durability, functionality, and the overall benefits of both the bed frame and the mattress.


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