How To Decorate Your Home Like Celebrities Do

Modern Inteior Design of Luxury Celebrity Homes
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If you can remember, there used to be a show on MTV in the early 2000s called “MTV Cribs.” That was a show where some of your favorite celebrities brought cameras into their homes and gave viewers a behind the scenes look into their homes. If you ever watched that show, you have to admit that there was at least one celebrity home that made you admire their wealth and luxury lifestyle. (Image Credit: Chien Than/Pixabay)

Well, the show no longer comes on but there were some features in those celebrity homes that seemed virtually impossible to get but little did you know, at the time, that there are some home decor hacks that you can do to give your home the look of celebrity status without the celebrity price tag. When taking on a celebrity home makeover like this, Keyrenter Premier Management Company says, the thing to keep in mind is that the style principles remain the same but the price doesn’t have to be.

Take a look at what it takes to make your home look like the luxury homes of celebrities without that expensive celebrity price tag.

Indoor Plant with Purple Accessories
Image Credit: Bobana Kovacevic/Pixabay

Bring Life Into Your Rooms With Plants

You might be looking for something a little more extravagant than this but as simple as this is, a lot of celebrities incorporate minimalism into their design scheme. Whether it’s your bathroom, living room, or bedroom, adding plants to any room in your home will bring that room to life.

In the bathroom of a celeb, you can expect to see soaking tubs or bear-claw tubs, steam showers, and of course greenery. If new tiling or porcelain fixtures aren’t in your budget, try incorporating a hanging plant or succulents to different areas of your bathroom. If you want to bring life into your kitchen, try adding certain potted herbs. It will not only bring your kitchen to life but it will also make your kitchen flagrant! says that adding a little greenery to your home can not only spruce up your home but it can also spruce up your health too! It can make your air cleaner and lower your risk for illness too. This is such a simple fix; if celebs can do it, you can too! Some good plants to bring in your home, recommended by the Lung Institute include:

  • Living Room- Chinese Evergreens and Areca Palm
  • Bedroom- Gerbera Daisies and Snake Plant
  • For Any Room in Your Home- Money Plant

Get Your Hands on the Latest Technologies

To embody your version of celebrity life at home, you have to get hip to the latest technological advancements. Whether it be a home virtual assistant, TV streaming devices, or having more control over what you watch on your streaming device, your home can’t be just a place where you live… your home should be an experience.

Imagine being able to come home from a long day at work and being able to tell your home to turn on the TV or to play music while you cook… if celebrities have these gadgets, why can’t you?

Sparkling Crystal Chandelier
Image Credit: Adina Voicu/Pixabay

Add a Little “Bling” to Your Rooms

A beautiful smile isn’t the only thing that can light up a room, in fact, you can really make your room shine with a little “bling,” just like the celebs do. A big trend that’s taken over in the world of home decor is chandeliers and A-List celebrities are taking notice.

A few centuries back, chandeliers were made for the specific purpose of lighting a room in dining areas. As time evolved, chandeliers have become more of an aesthetic attribute to a room, rather than serving the purpose of lighting a room. Today, celebrities have chandeliers in their bedrooms, bathrooms, and closets, as opposed to the dining areas and hallways as it did in the past.

You too can achieve this look with a trip to your local antique shop and even Home Depot or Lowes. In these places, you’re sure to find chandeliers that are just as beautiful as the ones in celebrities’ homes and for a much more reasonable price too!

Invest in Unique, Quality Furniture

When celebrities design their home, they don’t necessarily want their home to look like it came out of a magazine… they want their home to stand out! Individuality and personality are key here. Do you think that Julia Roberts is going to have the same exact sofa as Beyonce? Of course not. Although the two celebrities may have different tastes in home decor, their furniture pieces still wouldn’t be the same because celebrities go the extra mile to make sure their style stands out from the rest, even in home decor.

You can have that same mindset. Yes, furniture from Wal-Mart or local furniture outlets are reasonably priced and will serve its purpose in your home but if you’re wanting to design your home like a celebrity, you’re going to need to invest in quality furniture, that you’re not going to just see in stores probably. Furniture stores online are your best bet. You don’t have to blow your budget for it either, the key is to look for unique pieces that you know you won’t see anywhere else.

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