How To Declutter Your Closet Properly

How To DeClutter Your Closet Properly #home
How To DeClutter Your Closet Properly #home

Whether you rent an apartment or own your home, the frustration that comes with a messy closet is real. Fortunately, there’s a better way. If you, like 57% of people, find that a more organized closet makes it easier to find what you need, then these organizational tips are for you. It’s time to declutter! (Image Credit: James DeMers/Pixabay)

Start With a Purge

Like many others, you probably value some belongings for sentimental reasons. And it’s likely a habit that has made its way into your closet. Part of your clutter may exist because you haven’t gotten rid of articles of clothing you no longer wear! If you’re completely overwhelmed by all of the clothing in your closet, it’s time for a purge. Not sure how to qualify items as purge-worthy? Here are some basic rules.

You need to toss it if…

  • You haven’t worn it in over a year.
  • You’re frustrated every time you wear it.
  • It’s damaged beyond repair.
  • You “have nothing to wear it with.”
  • You’ve outgrown it.

Purging clothing can be tough. But when you follow these rules, you’re guaranteed to free up some much-needed space in your closet. And remember that you don’t have to do it all at once! If the average attention span for digital tasks is only 40 seconds, then you can allow yourself a little bit of grace when it comes to sorting through your closet.

Invest in Some Closet Organizers

One of the biggest hurdles to closet organization is not having the right storage solutions. To remedy this, closet organizers are going to be your best friend. These storage solutions typically come in the form of a wall of little cubbies that you can place baskets in. With a few labels and a system for organizing similar accessories in bins together, you can create an organizational system in your closet that works for you. And if you don’t have enough bins to fill all of the storage cubes, this is also an excellent opportunity to display items you’re particularly proud of, like your favorite pairs of shoes.

And to further increase your storage space, consider investing in some space-saving hangers. Hangers that can hold multiple pairs of pants or blazers take up minimal space in your closet. As such, they are truly invaluable to your closet organization efforts.

Use Prime Closet Real Estate Wisely

One of the most detrimental things you can do in terms of closet organization is to store your most worn articles of clothing in inaccessible locations. The most valuable closet real estate, in the front and middle of your space, should be reserved for the items you wear most often. If you have a favorite sweater or date night ensemble, this is where it needs to live! Just as almost 75% of people think it’s important to spend more time in their yards, so too should you believe it’s important to spend less time in your closet.

This will make getting dressed in the morning so much easier for you. When you’re able to find your favorite articles of clothing, you won’t be stuck struggling with what to wear on a day-to-day basis. And when it comes time to change out some of your warm-weather clothing for sweaters and bulkier items, make sure you give that real estate to the items you’re most likely to wear during the colder months. When you can easily dress for the weather, you also won’t find yourself wasting money on heating and cooling expenses at home.

Getting organized can feel like a gargantuan task at times. But with these beginner tips, you should be on your way to closet perfection in no time at all.

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