How To Decide If A Legal Career Is Right For You

How To Decide If A Legal Career Is Right For You
How To Decide If A Legal Career Is Right For You

While many people refer to a Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies as a ‘Pre-Law’ degree, that is a common misconception, which should be cleared up due to the fact that this particular degree can prepare you for several different types of careers.

If you take a few moments to read through the information on you will see that this particular course of study does prepare you for a career in the legal sector, but also in any policy-oriented job that enables you to be a true agent of change. If you are interested in making a difference, here are five different career opportunities you can pursue with an undergrad degree in legal studies.

1. Legal Assistants

With a Legal Studies baccalaureate degree, it is possible to pursue a legal career as a legal assistant in a law firm. Because you will have a strong background in research, legal writing, legal ethics, civil litigation and tort law, you will have the ability to assist attorneys with a wide range of duties.

2. Research & Policy Associate

No matter what sector an organization operates within (public, private or government), a BS in Legal Studies can gain you entry into a career in research and policy setting. Bear in mind that each and every policy an organization establishes must be within the confines of the law. For example, it is illegal to set hiring policies based on race, creed, gender, etc. Therefore, a discriminatory policy could land your organization in an embittered court battle with serious penalties if found guilty. Penalties can be civil and penal, so it is imperative to have a good background in how the law relates to setting policies.

How To Decide If A Legal Career Is Right For You

3. Advisor on Diversity and Inclusion

In keeping with what we have said above, there is a huge emphasis on diversity and inclusion within any entity, public, private or corporate. With a degree in legal studies, you would be well-suited to advise administrators and directors on implementing policies that provide for diversity and inclusion within all levels of the corporation. In today’s multicultural society, this is a huge focus on the law.

4. Project Manager for Law Firms Handling Class Action Law Suits

With a strong background in research and writing, you would be a perfect candidate for a job as a project manager for a law firm handling class action lawsuits. Attorneys are typically too busy to do things such as scheduling meetings, coordinating press releases, meeting with potential claimants and so forth. While the attorneys would handle direct contact with the courts, you would literally tie up all the loose ends so that they go into litigation well-prepared.

5. Probation Officer and Social Workers

While probation officers and social workers can have other types of degrees qualifying them for those particular careers, a legal studies degree also offers the background necessary to do the job well. Keeping in mind that both of these positions are usually government jobs, so a strong background in the law is a huge requirement. Unlike working in the private sector, a government employee is strictly bound by laws under which they operate.

Even if you intend to further your degree with a master’s or doctorate, a Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies gives you the prerequisites necessary for those advanced degrees. If not, you can find a fulfilling career in these fields and many others that require a solid background in law.

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