How to Create Music on Your Computer

How to Create Music on Your Computer #music #digital music

In years past, studio time could be very costly, and very limited. And, not only was studio time costly but so was the training required to become a musician. Thankfully, those days are no more, rather, music can be created from the comfort of your own bedroom on your computer. The digital music industry is stronger that it has ever been, and people from all around the globe are going online and getting creative. Once upon a time, a musician would rely upon a recording deal, now, musicians simply post their content online and watch as the money rolls in. (Image Credit: Soundtrap/Unsplash)

Creating music on your computer is easier now than it has ever been, and this page will hope to explain why, and how, you can and should get started. Here is how you can create music on your computer.

Sample Packs

Sample packs are instrumentals that have already been created and can be changed or recorded over. You have likely found this URL while searching for information on sample packs, so look no further and read on. Sample packs are most frequently used in electronic, reggae, or rap and hip-hop music. These packs are released from small unknown producers, all the way up to the biggest producers in the industry.

They are very often free to download unless they are the product of an as aforementioned, big industry producer. Still notwithstanding they can be quite affordable. The sheer number of these packs that have been released have made it possible for artists to find and record over instrumentals that have not been found before.

An insider tip is to avoid the big-name producer sample packs and support up-and-coming creators. Very often, the smaller, more unknown producers, will have the best quality because they are trying to get their name out there, whereas the big-name producers already are, and can grow complacent. 

Gather Production Equipment

Depending on the genre of music you wish to record, you may need physical production equipment. This can range from instruments to microphones. On the whole, online music editing software can often produce the sound of these instruments, but notwithstanding the real thing is always going to sound better.

The production equipment you collect should reflect the nature of the music you wish to create. If you wish to create, as previously mentioned, more electronic music, then instruments may not necessarily be required, whereas, for more folk music, a guitar would be required.

Turn Your Room into a Studio

If you are going to be recording your own vocals, then it is absolutely imperative that you turn your room into a studio, or get access to a studio. You can start by soundproofing the walls of your chosen room and reducing interference as best as you can. When you are recording live music, a lot of things can interfere with the quality of your recording, and this is exactly what you do not want to happen. 

One of the quickest shortcuts to turning your room into a studio without spending a fortune is to cover the walls in egg boxes, and while it will not fully soundproof the room, it will reduce the echo significantly.

Download Music Editing Software

Rather than using sample packs, you can create your beats and instrumentals on your computer with music editing software. It can take a while to learn, but when you understand it and have mastered it, you can create some fantastic, unique, and truly one-of-a-kind instrumentals and beats. Many big-name music producers have amassed a small fortune from creating their instrumental sample packs and selling them, and if you get a name for creating unique and popular instrumentals, then you too can amass a small fortune.

Music editing software can be mastered quite easily, and if you are considering learning how to do this, then you will be pleased to find that there are no shortage of free tutorials available on the internet, made by the professionals, that can show you how to learn to use music editing software.

Establish Your Name

When you are creating and releasing music on your computer, you must build a name and a brand. You can do this quite easily nowadays, thankfully. Even take a name test to help you figure it out. All it requires is that you post your content on a social media page or video platform and advertise said page through online channels.

Once your name is established, providing your music content is worthy of it, you will find no shortage of potential avenues to pursue creatively.

Now you know a few ways that you can get started making music on your computer. Creating your own music online can be a great way to channel your creativity and spend your time. What are you waiting for? Get started today!

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