How To Create Amazing Looks Seen On TV

Screen Queen: How To Create Amazing Looks Seen On TV
Screen Queen: How To Create Amazing Looks Seen On TV

Everybody knows that most of the TV stars have the cutest style and outfits and we all want to know where to get them. Here’s the 411. Do you dream of pairing cute plaid skirts and cashmere sweater styles together just like Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf? Want to convey absolute power, while still looking feminine and approachable. Just like How To Get Away With Murder’s Annalise Keating does? Perhaps you fell in love with Rachel Green’s coat on Friends when it first aired. Now you’ve spent years trying to track it down?

Google That Gown

First of all, when it comes to recreating a scene-stealing outfit, you have to go online. When companies realised there was a market for clothes and accessories worn in movies and on TV businesses sprang up overnight. Even millennial favourite ASOS began life named As Seen On Screen but these days pieces tend to be from independent designers. Some of the best-known sites for sourcing TV looks are Worn On TV, Shop Your TV and Seen It Source. It plus the newest horse in the TV costuming stable, Spylight.

Stalk Social Media

Eager fans who really want to get their hands on the latest episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend just need to turn to Twitter. Often costume designers will take part in Q&A’s, answer fans questions and provide information on their wardrobe. Don’t forget all clothing worn is collected, checked and stored in advance. So if you ask the right person, and it isn’t crucial to the plot, they should be more than happy to tell you. Keep an eye on the show’s Instagram feed too. Actors and actresses will often share behind the scenes footage. Sometime’s they tag the designer that they’re wearing or give viewers clues to an outfit.

Screenshot Key Scenes

The beauty of watching a particular TV show, or movie on your smartphone is that you can search for it immediately.  If you see a pair or shoes, or a dress you absolutely have to have then you can screenshot the scene! Your phone will create a picture that you can download, email or even print. This will help you remember exactly what it was you were looking for. Trying to find something that was worn years ago? If you can’t quite remember the exact shade or style of an item, no problem! Loved Audrey Horn’s daring red pumps, or black and white saddle shoes? Then turn to Showbox. People say I’m a die hard fan of this app and so they should be as it has a whole range of shows and movies. Plus an easy search function that’ll identify what you’re after instead of having to scroll through endless titles.

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