How to Choose the Right Boots for Your Body Type

How to Choose the Right Boots for Your Body Type
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One of the most adaptable clothing pieces in your closet is a good pair of boots. They are so versatile because you can pair boots with dresses, skirts, jeans, pants, and even shorts. The options are unlimited. Boots come in styles that are short, mid-calf length, tall, and over the knee. Though boots are mainly worn in the winter months, some styles of boots can be worn year-round. There are so many types of boots to invest in that it you may not know which ones are right for you.

How to Find the Right Style of Boots for You

Finding the right pair of boots might seem overwhelming, but with so many options you can easily find the right pair for you. However, before investing in a quality pair of boots,  you may want to know more about how to choose the right boots for your body type?. We have a few tips for finding the right boots for you.

Best Boots Based on Your Height

Boots for Petites

If you are petite with shorter legs, then ankle boots or boots with a slight heel will work well for you. Ankle boots will make your legs look longer, and the heel will help add some definition to your legs. If you are petite with long legs, then try a boot that comes right below your knee. That will also provide elongation while giving you more skin coverage during cold months.

Boots for Tall Women

If you are tall, you can wear a mid-calf boot or even a pair of flat boots if you do not want to add any height. Of course, you can always wear any boot with a heel, so the options are unlimited.

Styles of Boots for Different Types of Legs

Boots for Muscular Body Types

If you have a muscular build, then ankle boots will also work for you. Ankle boots will elongate your legs while showing off your muscular legs. If you want to really show off, choose a pair of ankle boots with a heel. Try to keep the boot below or right at your ankle for a maximum lengthening effect for your legs.

Boots for Slim Legs

If you have slim legs, then any boot will work for you. An ankle boot can make your legs look elongated, but a mid-calf boot can give you a more curvy look. For maximum effect, wear a mid-calf boot with a slight heel and show off those long legs.

Boots for an Hourglass Figure

For an hourglass figure, try a sturdy boot with a cone heel. A cone heel is a triangular-shaped heel that starts wider in the back of the heel and narrows toward the front of the heel. A cone heel works well with an hourglass figure because it provides a lot of support while still elongating your legs.

Once you have chosen the right style of boots for your body type, you can step out in confidence.

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