How To Choose the Colour Of Your Prom Dress

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Prom marks the end of your formal education and could be the last time you see many of the people in your class. That’s why people are generally keen to make a great last impression.

There are two elements to your prom dress.

The Style

Choosing the style can be hard. You can opt for long, short, figure-hugging, floating, and various other options. Your decision will be based on what type of dress you feel most comfortable in. Prom is an opportunity to push the boundaries but to also feel comfortable.

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The second element that needs to be considered is colour. It’s worth checking the theme or dress code for your prom. This may give you an indication of the preferred colour range. However, in general, you’ll be free to choose your preferred option.

That means considering the following:

Skin Tone

The generally accepted approach is that lighter skins tend to be better with pale and pastel dresses while darker skin tones can wear almost any shade of dress, including bright and bold colours.

It’s not just the tone of your skin that matters. You should also consider the undertone. The easiest way to do this is to look at your eyes. People with blue, grey, or green eyes are likely to have cooler undertones. Other eye colours, such as brown, have darker undertones.

Combining the tone of your skin and the undertone will help you select a colour that makes you look fantastic.

Dark skin tones with darker undertones are great for yellows and red, while darker skin with cool undertones generally looks better in silver, gold, and even a bright blue.

In contrast, paler skins with pale undertones will be best suited to pale pastel dresses.

Consider What you Like

The best way to look and feel great at your prom is to be confident in what you are wearing. The easiest way to do this is to consider the colors you feel most comfortable in. Take a look at your wardrobe to see which colors are the most common and check for the best fitting size. That will give you an idea of your preference.

You can then take a variant of that colour and use it for your prom dress. The advantage of feeling comfortable in what you’re wearing means you’ll feel more confident. That shows and helps you to look stunning, regardless of what type or colour dress you’re wearing.

Check With Friends

Don’t forget to check in with your friends. You’ll never stand out from the crowd if you’re all wearing the same colour dress. Prom is a chance to push boundaries and stand out, choose your own colour and make the most of the occasion.

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