How To Choose the Best Curtain Color

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Colors are important. Close your eyes and think about a moment that brings peace and serenity. The odds are that there must be a color associated with that memory. For me, it’s sitting against a rock wedged into a shallow creek. I feel calmer, and joy creeps into my heart. 

Meanwhile, yellows energize me; reds make me courageous; pinks soften me; purples make me more creative. Because of how influenced I am by the color spectrum, I believe it’s very important to be mindful of what color schemes you’re working with for each room of your house. If you’re moving into a new place or redecorating your current space, it can be a bit daunting (and expensive) to redo everything in your home all at once. 

So, the best thing to do is start revamping one aspect of your home. We suggest starting with upgrading your curtains. Windows are the focal point of every room, you arrange your furniture around it, make sure your electronics don’t catch a glare from it, but most of all, they let that beautiful natural light cascade over the room. Because color plays such an integral role in our life, let’s take a look at how to choose the best curtain color for each room in the house. 

1. Kitchen

Regardless of what room you’re working with, before you pick your color scheme, take an honest look at the size of the space you’re working with. This is especially pertinent if you’re planning on painting the room. If it’s a smaller space, you’re not going to want to choose a dark color. Instead, pick a lighter shade. Dark colors like browns, blacks, reds, navy, indigo, and other denser colors make the room feel smaller, while soft yellows, cream, and grey give the room an airy and expanded illusion. 

When it comes to your kitchen color scheme, there are a few more questions you’ll want to ask yourself.                         

           1. What is my style?

This will be a question you’ll ask yourself for each room, but since the kitchen is a place you spend a lot of time in, you’ll want to make sure it reflects your style.

           2. How much entertaining do I do?

Do you often have a lot of people over, and they end up congregating in the kitchen? This is an essential element to consider because if your kitchen isn’t very big, and there are typically a lot of people gathering in the room, you won’t want to choose patterns and colors that clutter the space.

           3. Will I eat my meals in the kitchen?

Similar to not wanting to clutter the space, you’ll want to make sure your dishes don’t clash with the curtains and decor you pick.

With those questions answered, the two best color schemes for kitchens, in my opinion, are blue and red. Blue curtains give a French-country vibe to your space, and it’s sure to make your back or front yard look all the more inviting. On the other hand, red curtains can easily turn your kitchen into a farmhouse-style cooking and gathering station or a chic, upscale eatery. 

2. Living Room

The place where you unwind after a long day, watch movies with your family, snuggle your pet,  and watch your kid take their first steps. So what color curtains should you choose? Greens, yellows, and blues, often invoke feelings of togetherness, so incorporating curtains with one or more of those colors is a great way to bring warmth and camaraderie into the room.

3. Bathroom 

In my opinion, bathrooms are meant to be decorated with a flair. Look, as crass as it may sound, you’re going to spend a good amount of time in that room; why not make it vibrant? Instead of focusing on a specific color, why not focus on a theme? Nautical, aquarium, forest, space, retro, the possibilities are truly endless, and finding curtains that tie in your theme (without keeping you stuck in the theme if you pick something that gets old after a couple of years. Here’s looking at you, Paw Patrol), is the smart thing to do.

4. Bedroom

Finally, the bedroom is where you’ll spend one-third of your life! Do you have a favorite color? What color did you think of when I invited you to close your eyes and think of a memory that made you feel happy and at peace? Whatever color came to your mind, that’s the color curtain you should pick. Because at the end of the day, when you lay your head down to sleep, looking around your room, gazing out the window to the night sky, seeing your favorite color before drifting off to dreamland is the best way to fall asleep. 

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