How To Choose A Hairstyle And Establish Your Signature Look

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One of the most attractive traits is having a rich hairline and beautiful hair. However, most people find it difficult to find the right hairstyle, and sometimes do not know what they are doing wrong when choosing a hairstyle and why it never turns out like they imagined or wished. Therefore, in the text below, we summed up some useful advice on how to choose a suitable hairstyle to make it your signature look.

Type of hair and shape of the head

Two things to consider when choosing the ideal hairstyle are your hair type and head shape. The first thing merely considers your hair type, whether it’s flat, curly, waved, or coil. The ultimate style you choose is determined by the type of hair you have. In the case of flat hair, you might want to go with a style making your hair look richer and lusher. Curly and wavy hair should be an advantage, therefore emphasize it and do not cut it away. You want to keep those natural curls and waves and cutting them off might not be the best solution, rather go for thinning it a bit on the sides and add some color, maybe some highlights would look amazing.

Also, your head shape is an important factor to consider. Roundheads are better off with a textured lob, or maybe a slick back with a high ponytail, or a pixie cut with some volume on top to even out the head shape. Similar to the round head, a square-shaped face looks amazing with short hair and bangs, or maybe straight hair with some long layers.

The head and face shape can play a huge part when it comes to choose a hairstyle and your signature look. The goal essentially is to even out the hair with the head and face shape, also make sure to consider the hair type. As said before, you want to keep those waves and curls as they look amazing with the right cut.

Think of your age as well

As we grow older, some looks seem inappropriate for us, not because we are “old” rather because some hairstyles just look better on a younger and fresher-looking face. This does not mean you cannot rock a hairstyle according to your years and age. For example, a common problem is the 40 line, as people are still young enough to try something new and exciting yet mature enough not to take any risks like in their 20s. And so begins the 40-year dilemma as nothing fits you like it used to, and it seems you cannot find the appropriate style.

However, there are some styles which might suit you perfectly, like for example the shortcut. It is one of the most popular hairstyles after 40, and it looks amazing giving you a sophisticated and sleek look with a pinch of excitement and dare. Victoria Beckham pulled it off perfectly, so you can do it too, and it is more than easy to make it work, with some classic bangs in front but a bit longer on the sides, hitting the cheekbones.

 You can also go for the classical ponytail look, perfect for recreational purposes and it gives you a suburban soccer mom look. Or you can go for a more square cut, just made for curly, wavy hair and it goes with accessories like headbands. It looks new, fresh, and daring, yet appropriate for the age.

Occasions and needs

When choosing the perfect hairstyle for you, think of the occasions and your needs. If you happen to be an entrepreneur or have a corporate job, a high-standing position in a law firm, etc, you’ll need a hairstyle appropriate and suitable for these jobs. Something sending away the message, “strong and independent” rather than “ insecure and having a middle-age crisis”.

Therefore, go for a more serious and mature look, as opposed to chickie and enthusiastic. If you happen to be more laid down, you might consider a fresher, relaxing hairstyle, easy to maintain and take care of. Whatever the occasion or job, take it into account when choosing the style you need.

Maintenance and care

Another thing to consider is the ease of maintenance and care, as you cannot go to the hairdresser every morning to give you that signature look. Therefore, choose a hairstyle easy to maintain at any given time of the day, and easy to care for.

We strongly recommend and urge you to take good care of your hairline by utilizing oils to promote hair growth and volume, hair conditioners, and the proper shampoos to maintain it clean and healthy.

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