How to Bring Your Lead-to-Lease Process Online Using REDA?

How to Bring Your Lead-to-Lease Process Online Using REDA? #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #REDA #leasingcompanies #propertyowners
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Leasing has taken on a new meaning, thanks to the internet and the digital world. That’s why it’s not surprising that some leasing companies are now turning to REDA, a newer ERP for real estate that allows them to lease their properties online.

In this article, learn more about how REDA works, to whom it suits the best, and what advantages it might have over traditional leasing services. But before that, let’s understand what leasing is and how REDA makes leasing easy.

What is leasing?

Leasing is a service that allows property owners to rent out their property to interested parties. Apart from this, the properties are also serviced by companies who take care of the maintenance of those properties, keeping them in good condition for busy “tenants” (people renting) who need extra space for a brief period. Leasing companies also take care of things like paperwork and security deposit issues by handling everything through REDA.

Virtual Showings: The ease of using REDA and its virtual staging environment means that leasing companies can show off their properties in a positive light to potential clients. Here are some benefits leasing companies have experienced from using REDA.

Keeping Track of Leads: Leasing companies can now keep track of their leads (people who are interested in leasing their property) more easily through REDA software for real estate management. Leasing companies can also build a detailed profile of each of those leads and how they became interested in the properties rented by the leasing company.

The Experience of Signing a Lease: When signing a lease with a client, most leasing companies can no longer rely on manually-typed documents and paper copies made for signing. Instead, their clients will record everything using REDA’s digital signature tool, which is quick and easy to use.

With REDA’s digital signature function and the digital signing tool (which allows leasing companies to save time), it’s now possible for a company to sign its leases electronically instead of having the paperwork sent from one location to another. This way, the company can save time and result in paperless communication.

Efficient Tenant Screening Process: When it comes to screening their potential tenants, leasing companies don’t have to go through the trouble of asking clients to come in person with their IDs, employment proof, and other documents and record them manually.

They can now ask their potential clients to use REDA’s tenant screening tool to get all the information they need to decide quickly.

Listing Widgets: Viewing widgets for browsers are now easily accessible to leasing companies, who can now use them to show off the properties they have available for rent on their respective websites.

The Bottom Line!

REDA online property leasing software makes it easy for leasing companies to find new properties for rent, lease them to interested parties, and keep track of leads. So far, REDA seems to have been the ideal solution that leasing companies have been looking for to save time and money when renting out their properties.

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