How Successful Entrepreneurs Stay Organized

How Successful Entrepreneurs Stay Organized

Entrepreneurs are often disorganized. They stuff all their things into drawers in no particular order, and their inboxes are regularly full to overflowing. But, at the same time, it is also true that people who make the most money in business are those who organize their works paces effectively. As a result, it’s worth investigating how these people organize their work and businesses. Here’s what some top successful entrepreneurs in the world had to say on the subject of organization while managing their success.

Tasso Roumeliotis: Find Time To Push Your Limits

Tasso Roumeliotis is the founder and CEO of a company called Location Labs. He says that he spends a lot of his time doing things which are sedentary, like giving presentations and meeting with clients. After a while, he realized that he wasn’t giving his body enough of a physical challenge and so he decided to see whether he could stand the physical pain of an ice bath. To his surprise, he did, and now he takes ice baths three or four times a week. He says that it helps him to focus more on his work and get more done.

Greg Tseng: Use Tools That Work For You

Greg Tseng is the CEO of, a company that builds social apps. He says that as a founder and businessman, managing his time effectively is essential, whether it’s his email or his calendar. The good news is that websites like exist which help people like Greg get a grip on their busy schedules. This allowa them to organize meeting and appointments on the fly. Greg also says that he works in close collaboration with his personal assistant to filter emails. His assistant files them into emails that are worth responding to and those that aren’t. Overall, his advice is that entrepreneurs should use the tools that best allow them to deliver services to their customers as fast as possible. Tools should complement one’s intuition, he says, not replace it.

Anirban Bardalaye: Set A Time To Do Admin

Anirban Bardalaye is the founder of Vaycayhero, a holiday rental company. After a while in business, he found that he was spending too much of his time doing basic admin. His advice to new entrepreneurs is to block off time to do admin at quiet times in the week. Anirban does his from 11 pm on Tuesdays. He knows he won’t have any meetings at that time of day and because it doesn’t take away from his family time.

Anirban Bardalaye: Delegate

Mr. Bardalaye also points out how important it is for new entrepreneurs to delegate. Sometimes entrepreneurs are afraid to delegate. They are scared of losing control of their business. But he points out that there are few bigger productivity killers than trying to manage every single part of your business yourself. Sometimes, you’ve just got to delegate tasks to others.

Anirban found that his company suffered when he tried to keep tabs on all parts of his business. He was so focused on keeping all the plates spinning that he neglected to focus his energies on growth opportunities. He lost business as a result.


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