How Real Estate Agents Utilize Postcards in a Digital Landscape

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Every day, new apps and websites are made that change how people interact with businesses. But one of the original marketing platforms is still standing strong, postcards.

Although nearly a century old, Keyrenter New England says, postcards remain one of today’s most effective marketing tools for real estate agents to use as lead generation strategies.

This article will discuss how digital marketing makes up a large portion of a busy real estate agent’s lead generation strategy and how postcards are still the best tool for generating leads.

What Makes Postcards for Real Estate So Effective?

Real estate mailers, also known as postcards, are still effective for real estate agents to use as lead generation tools to get sales leads for their businesses. There are several reasons why postcards are the most effective strategy for any real estate agent. Some reasons are the following:

1. They Provide Relevant Information About a Specific Neighborhood

Customers who receive a postcard targeting their neighborhood will be more likely to take action than those who get generic marketing mail. Marketing postcards can provide details about a neighborhood that make it more appealing to potential customers.

Postcards can work with online representation and help generate new leads in the field.

2. Showcase Your Expertise in One Mailer

Real estate is a competitive industry, and you need to show potential customers that you’re the best agent for them. Including your headshot, client testimonial, and recent market data shows you are an expert in the area.

3. Being Different is Good

It’s important to find ways to stand out from your competition—postcards are a cost-effective marketing strategy that allows you to do that. While your competition may focus on digital ads and social media, postcards will allow you to reach the target market uniquely.

4. They Create a Strong Connection

Postcards are an excellent way for real estate agents to connect with customers. They can allow real estate professionals to interact and engage with their clients personally that other forms of digital marketing cannot.

Postcards are a great way for agents to build relationships, which is especially important in today’s economy.

5. You Can Use Them for Low-Cost Promotion

Postcards cost less than many other forms of digital marketing efforts, but they still can impact your business significantly. And since most marketing channels require high-end technology and professional help, postcards can be an exceptional marketing opportunity for real estate agents on a budget.

6. They Engage Customers Even When They Are Not There

If you’re not in your office, you can send out a postcard and let your customers know what specific information they will need to contact you. This way, you’ll be able to get in touch with customers who may not otherwise respond.

7. They Provide a Long-Term Lead Generation Strategy

Postcards are an effective long-term lead generation strategy for real estate goals. They can provide you with a large number of leads, which you can then use in your marketing campaign to reach out to potential customers.

Tips for a Successful Real Estate Postcard Campaign

To get the most out of your real estate mailers, consider the following:

1. Use Professional Postcard Templates

Postcard templates are a great option for getting professional postcards without the need for high-end, high-cost Printing, and they can also help you save time and money. Many postcard templates are available online, and they can be customized to meet your needs.

When you purchase your template from a reputable website, you’ll also be able to upload your logo or other artwork to make your postcards truly unique.

2. Mail Them Consistently

For the best results, postcards need to be sent out at least once every month for a year. Sending them once a month for just six months will not generate as many leads, and you won’t have enough time to build strong relationships with customers in that time frame.

3. Use High-Quality Images

Photos are a crucial part of any marketing campaign, and they are especially important in postcard campaigns. Your images should be compelling, unique, and professional so customers know you’re the right agent to help them.

You can take these images yourself or hire a photographer to capture beautiful pictures for your postcards.

4. Strong Call-to-Action

The call-to-action is the most important part of any postcard. Use clear language and easy wording in your call-to-action to ensure your customers know what they need to do next. If they don’t know the next step, you can’t follow up with them until that step has been taken.

5. Make Sure They Stand Out

Make sure your postcards are easy to read and understand. Use simple, eye-catching designs that leave an impression on customers. All of the information your postcard needs to deliver should be available in a few simple images and sentences.

6. Use the Right Templates for Digital or Offset Printing

The type of printing method you use can play a huge factor in the success of your postcard campaign. If you’re not sure which printing method is right for your company, use a professional graphic design company to help you decide. They can find out which printing option will work best for your postcards.

7. Promote Them on Social Media and Online

Even if your postcard campaign is highly successful without any online representation, it’s still important to promote them online. This can help you reach a wider audience and will also allow you to show potential clients that you are serious about using digital marketing strategies.

8. Collect Leads

Keep an eye on your leads, and ask customers to return to you with questions after receiving the postcard. This is important both for your business and for customer satisfaction. And if you’re using an online postcard platform, make it easy for someone to return to your site or contact you quickly.


In conclusion, postcards are a fantastic marketing tool for most business owners. They’re cost-effective and can reach your target customers memorably and effectively. Real estate agents can use postcards for lead generation and service and maintenance.

The most important thing to remember with marketing postcards is that they must be targeted at your specific residential area, community, and landmarks to provide relevant information attractive to potential customers.

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