How Important is Dental Care For Your Kids

How Important is Dental Care For Your Kids #teeth #dental care

Caring for a child’s teeth is just as important as caring for an adult’s teeth, or any other part of a child’s health. A healthy and bright smile can lead to an increase in confidence and self-esteem. Strong teeth mean healthy foods can be consumed. If the teeth aren’t looked after, the smile goes and with it, the benefits. (Image Credit: S&B Vonlanthen/Unsplash)

Teething Pains

Dental hygiene starts as soon as that first milk tooth pops through the gums. Before that part, the baby is going to feel some pain as the teeth begin to cut through and maybe even experience teething-related fevers. A range of teething gels and powders are available to ease the pain when a teething toy just won’t do. Paracetamol for infants can also be given, especially if a fever is present.

Older children may benefit from teething gels when the back molars are coming through, or even when their adult teeth are moving around and getting ready to poke through.

A range of treatments for oral health is available from Click Pharmacy. Always check the label to make sure age-appropriate treatment has been purchased.


Once that first tooth cuts through, baby’s tooth needs to be brushed. Use fluoride toothpaste for children, even for babies, as this prevents tooth decay. Teaching children correct brushing techniques by guiding the brush through their mouth as soon as they have some motor control can help them learn.

If the milk teeth decay, they need to be pulled. Dental decay is painful. It can prevent healthy eating, impacting other areas of a growing child’s health. Pulled teeth are also embarrassing for children and can have a negative impact on their self-esteem. Their adult teeth may come in crooked, which then requires orthodontic work.

Children need to be supervised while brushing. This ensures they brush and floss correctly and won’t be able to eat the toothpaste with an adult watching. It gets them into good brushing habits early too.

Bad Breath

Children can suffer from bad breath. This is just as embarrassing for a child as it is for adults. It can be worse for children. Children are outright cruel to the kid with stinky breath. Young children, especially, have yet to develop filters to be polite or know how to discreetly tell another child their breath smells. Even if done skillfully, being told you have bad breath is not pleasant and may lead to long-term self-esteem and confidence issues.

Children need to see a dentist once the first tooth appears. The dentist can spot any problems at the early stages and advise parents or carers to prevent a more serious problem later on. The dentist might apply a fluoride treatment to prevent decay. Getting young children used to seeing the dentist can prevent fear, anxiety and phobias later on.

Starting children on the road to good oral hygiene before they can even remember will help them maintain oral hygiene into adulthood, resulting in less emergency dental care and an overall, more confident person.

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